Steamy September (2017) Screenshots



That is super nice

Here is my latest.


Manjaro XFCE using Plank and tint2


Another month, another new wallpaper.

For some reason, I love Persona. This wallpaper clearly showed my appreciation towards this series.


I love your calendar! can i ask your config?

Kde, arc theme, conky, La captaine (icon)


LOL I answer myself. The calendar is a plasmoid called “event calendar”


Yep, it’s that one.


Slick LightDM greeter:


current kde


After visiting the Linux humor thread, i had to make a screenshot of that wallpaper i found earlier.




+1 for Behemoth \m/


I get depressed.


Back to Deepin for a change from Antergos Gnome. Both are the best spins ever, IMO. I still cannot stand Deepin file manager, so I use nautilus instead and Deepin calendar is a joke, another wise I like a new version a lot.


Had Kde runing for a longtime, it broke and after trying to fix it for a while. It was easier to install fresh Manjaro. So now runing community Deepin. I think I am going to like this a lot, its easy for the eye. For now one of the stock wallpapers that come with it.


I might have the most boring and basic desktop. But I kinda like it this way. :slight_smile:

One thing though. I kinda don’t like the icons here, at status & notifs. They’re big and bulky. Any suggestions?



What’s that start menu?


It´s Deepin´s default, just set to minimal mode. Upper right corner has an option to toggle between normal and minimal. It´s quite handy.

Edit: I have only modified dock clock launch Gnome calendar instead Deepin calendar (Google sync). Nautilus as default filemanager and multitasking view launch from a hot corner.


late september entry:
plasma-desktop on manjaro testing ( unstable has a wine <-> lib32-freetype problem right now )


You got the menu in the taskbar as in Ubuntu :smiley: