Steamy September (2017) Screenshots



My new gnome setup.

Wallpaper without logo:
Wallpaper with logo:



Beautiful wallpaper! Have downloaded it and change mine to that. If it is art created by you, please let me know where I can find other works.


The wallpaper is not mine but I don’t remember where I found it.
I just added the manjaro’s logo. :slight_smile:


i3 on acer-15 [still w i p, i3status wont run; so its i3blocks ; used http:/ first time for weather on i3… works fine, no need of weather config script !]

EDIT: Added sway shot to show i3status thats working on sway and fails on i3…:frowning:

sway-clean [atlast learnt to set wall paper ! :slight_smile:



finally my sway seems to be set with i3status and a stunning wall
my sway-dirty [sddm on X11, sway on wayland]


My Manjaro XFCE setup Wallpaper done by @muser


My KDE setup. Wallpaper done by @muser. Maia transparent with New Breath theme.


Just changed the colors of home folders with the amazing “nautilus-folder-icons”


what zshell theme are you using? this looks awesome.


Trying KDE again after many months using MATE (I wanted something more modern but I still cannot stand using Gnome…)


I’m using powerlevel9k theme.
For more details:


I’ve been messing with the looks of my desktop a lot in the last week.


This is my Gnome Desktop in September :blush:


Thank you :smiley:
My Zsh at work has never looked so pretty :smiley:


nearly polished sway… [still looking for ways to set font dpi…and then wondering why my theme set mouse theme not picked up !

Wallpaper from HERE, one of my many fav deviant on dA :slight_smile:
i just added a circular “M” on top of globe… to complete my look !

clean looks like T H I S


My Manjaro GNOME setup on my laptop. The KDE edition has been the version of Manjaro I’ve been using for a while, but I recently decided to try this again, and I really, really like it.


a better sway config [with font dpi setting and sync of Xresources with konsole and other apps…

clean :slight_smile:

I3status issue

Manjaro KDE using Adapta theme and some modifications: