Steamy September (2017) Screenshots



I preferred it to be called Nostalgic September, because of old school days.


Trying awesome wm again…


Wow, any idea where the picture was taken?


I took it on the web. Sorry, I have no idea where the place is.


@jsbach : you could add his name
Mr Charles Darwin


You poor long suffering ■■■■■■■…it could be worse, you could be an Eagles fan. Old hardware is better than no hardware.


That is true. Unfortunately yhey won’t be anywhere near the playoffs for th enext few years


Is this steamy enough? :wink:



September & Plasma


I gave Numix a chance, it looks really awesome I could say!



avant-window-navigator has replaced fbpanel - bling :smiley:



(fake) DIRTY


Nothing new but I wanted to share this cool gnome extension. It downloads and sets wallpapers from bing (you can say what you want about m$ but their wallpapers are amazing).


Pretty much the same as usual


hmpph!..Browns fan here, Go Tribe!


KDE user here (mostly) - with 3 Activities: System maintenance, Default/Drawing (with a caricature sketch of Amanda Seyfried that i hope to make time to finish) and Multimedia with a modified wallpaper from Mirrors Edge …

Edited to add some smaller thumbnails but still access the full resolution for a better view :slight_smile:


simple dark i3 :slight_smile:


(changed color shade of wall)



Beautiful watch ! :wink:


thats cronograph-conky installed from AUR


Switched to a more osx like setup on KDE, but otherwise nothing much has changed.
Still Plasma 5, still happy with it.