Steamy September (2017) Screenshots



The same setup for my gnome desktop…but I wanted to start a new topic for September. :slight_smile:

Suggest Environment

For old time sake, I installed Icewm, which came with the first Linux distro I used (Vector).

Background is from Apod:


Nice photo :wink:
I’ve gotten picky by now it seems, these days I will accept nothing less than zero granulation, even from NASA. :cat:


Manjaro KDE




Sporting EFL / Enlightenment from my repository git versions:

Besides both released and git versions of EFL and Enlightenment, I’ve also provided Moksha in my repository for those that would like to use that instead. Soon, I’ll be adding a git version of Maksha as well. I’m also beginning work on creating a Nulogic branded version of Moksha to replace the upstream bodhi branded packages.



I was expecting tropical and / or raunchy screenshots… :disappointed:


Sarcasm people… please don’t take this a request for tropical beach noodz…



@AJSlye: Cool -> good old DR17 ! :wink:



My setup for September , XFCE4:


@unix121 Can i use your “Glitch_8.jpg” Wall for “my” browser homepage?


September Joke ;o))


Default setup.

ncmpcpp, htop, ncmpcpp-virtualizer, ranger, vim and fish

Homepage - Palemoon, Background: “Glitch_8.jpg” by unix121

Rofi in Fullscreen


I don’t think that I’m the right person to ask :stuck_out_tongue: The image was grabbed out of 4chan , it’s not mine :stuck_out_tongue:


Aha, Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona. Beautiful.


Any chance of posting a link for your Charlie D image?


In honor of the start of the NFL season got my favorite team on my desktop. J-E-T-S Jets!Jets!Jets! First pick in the 2018 draft here we come!


minimalist i3wm with i3blocks


Here it is:


Thanks, that is a very cool image.


I had to crop it to 3800x2137 to get a non scaling fit on my 1080p desktop, just removed some of the top of the image. Now Charlie’s head doesn’t squish.


Thanks to @muser for the amazing wallpapers, this is my September gnome setup: