Steam won't close in a proper time

BUG in github:

My problem is related to the specific game rise of the tomb raider. Payday2, tf2, hitman( all are opengl and native games except hitman that has an alpha renderer on vulkan that is recommended not to use ) are not affected.

BTW: i am not having high cpu load… only a zombie steam process that is not gonna die before 15 minutes JAJA

The problem to sum up is that when you run the rottr you can play it nice. After that if you close the game and steam, steam won’t close before a loooong time( like 15 minutes to self close)
The only way to use steam is to KILL the process and reopen again. Because the process itself is not closed until 15 minutes has gone and in that time you can’t do nothing with steam( open games, library… nothing)

I have read in manajro that a user has the problem and it has gone itself but I think the user has not opened the specific games that makes steam behavour like this. For me it’s the rottr but in the github page Dota 2 it’s making steam to won’t close.

Someone has any idea why?
Occurs on other distros?
Steam told me that they only support ubuntu so… the trick here is to test it on ubuntu to see if it’s an specific issue on manjaro and arch or it’s happening on other distros