Steam updates games on every launch, but the updates are less than 1MB in size

Hello folks,

Steam (/usr/bin/steam-runtime) has been acting weird for the last couple of weeks.

Every time I launch Steam there are small updates for quite a few games, usually 10-15. Thing is it’s almost always the same games and the updates are less than 1MB in size.

The only thing I did recently is try to run CS:GO via Proton instead of the native version, but it didn’t work. I also removed all the Proton prefixes for the Proton games. The updates apply to all kinds of games, even non-Proton ones.

I checked the startup logs, but I couldn’t find anything useful that could’ve helped me.

Also, 1-2 minutes after launching steam a WINE error message pops up: File not found.

Has someone else faced these kind of issues before?!

EDIT: Since this is my first post, I’m not allowed to post screenshots.

This was happening since Steam changed their UI,it was reported as an issue but Valve says is normal,Steam was already doing this but the past UI didn’t show it,now the new UI shows it but its not a problem.

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@XRaTiX Thanks a lot for pointing this out!

So 1 of 2 issues solved :white_check_mark:

My second issue is the WINE pop up after launching which says “File not found.:x:

I’d love to attach a screenshot, but I’m not allowed to :frowning:

The small downloads when Steam starts are related to the Shader Pre-Caching setting. You have it enabled in Steam Settings, right?

OK, so the solution for issue number 2 is removing any old third party Proton version, in my case it was Proton-4.21-GE-1.

Related to this Github issue and this one.

Yes indeed, I have the Shader Pre-Caching setting enabled. So the small downloads are fine with me in the end. I was just wondering, why these downloads are so frequent.

They shouldn’t be so frequent, the Shader Pre Caching functionality is great but it still has some issues, but it is better now (before it could download the whole shader cache every time).

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Ok, well I might turn it off for now and enable it later again. But all in all I don’t mind the frequent updates that much! Thanks again that for pointing out!

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