Steam UI blank fixed

I came across a issue with steam . when I opened steam everything was blank , all tabs, library, store , ect showed nothing , blank . Games I had installed still launched and ran fine .
My fix was to enable the beta of steam and that did the trick .
wish I had of know this before I tried uninstalling everything , including my games . But in posting this My hope is I can help someone else :slight_smile:

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There is a subsection in this forum called โ€œStable Updates - Manjaro Linux Forumโ€

With the release of stable updates, many potential issues are collected and discussed there, including the problem with Steam.

Itโ€™s all there, you just need to see it :wink:


it is a steam problem , not manjarosโ€™ fault . I googled this issue and that is how I came up with the fix .
As a side note the Steam UI beta is better then the official version . Fonts are crisp, layout vastly improved . a definite upgrade