Steam native game freezing

Hi everyone,

I have a fresh install and everything works fine except steam gaming. I think steam responds differently according to the game. One of the games is a low graphic game which runs perfectly. Another one is a high graphic game which freezes during the game. And a third one stucks at steam library, there is no pop-up gaming window.

These games were working in the past; if you have any suggestions, please share it.

I seem you have a 940m card, is it a hybrid and are you using nvidia prime?

Linux kernel: 5.9.1-1
Display controller: video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-455xx-prime

glxinfo | grep -i vendor

server glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
client glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation

Update: I managed to run the 3D game; but it is pretty laggy. (By “lag” I don’t mean internet connection, my internet is ok; but it is laggy like my internet connection is unstable.)

Are you launching the games with the prime-run command? Also kernel 5.9 isn’t fully compatible with nvidia atm so best not to use it till nvidia push an update

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