steam-manjaro package and last week's patch that broke font rendering

As was discussed here

Manjaro patch to steam-manjaro breaks font rendering as was seen in the following topic: CS:GO - no text being rendered

I'm posting this just to provide awareness of possible future problems caused due to that patch and for a way to people to figure out what went wrong.

Uninstalling steam-native, or running STEAM_RUNTIME=1 steam should be enough to circunvent the problem. But that wouldn't change the fact steam-native is currently broken without one of the solutions proposed here:

An update to steam-native to implement a solution, while pehaps hacky, would allow things to work out correctly.

Mea culpa.

There are three competing problems here.

  • Not using steam-native means several games run badly, or do not run at all.
  • Without the (dodgy) patch when using steam-native the steamwebhelper displays only black screens for friends, profiles, community.
  • Some older games have their fonts broken using the patch

I was not aware of the last until today. :blush:

Thanks for the information and links, someone above my paygrade will have to decide what to do.

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