Steam controller on the desktop

Steam controller does not move the pointer on the desktop.
But it does actually move the pointer position, i can right and it’ll pull up the submenu to wherever the pointer is, i just can’t see the actual cursor moving.

It’s not a huge issue if this doesn’t work, but i’d like to try to solve it, sometimes i do use it to browse youtube and stuff while not at the keyboard, so it’s a handy feature to have.

Also, tested it in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, the same thing happens in menus, it highlights the menu option, but the actual pointer remains in place.
In game, it does seem to work, but it doesn’t work in Grim Fandango, however, i’m not sure if this is Grim Fandango related or not.

Big picture menu shows up and i can configure the controller, but loading community or personal profiles results in an endless loading loop… And again - this happened on windows too, i can’t be sure if this is Steam related or not.

How do i get it to at least move the pointer so i can see what i’m doing?
The OSK works, and so does mouse clicks + scroll wheel it seems, it’s just the the pointer icon isn’t moving, while the actual pointer position is.

Ok, update - this issue is only present on Wayland. The cursor moves in X11.
But i can’t use X11 because the forced vsync interferes with the game i play…
Can i report that bug somewhere? Is there a workaround for it? Maybe a fix?