Steam asks for password everytime

I opened my Steam account on a public windows computer (gaming center). Now every time I open Steam it asks for password. I’ve tried also on my laptop (manjaro) and it does the same thing.

It drives me crazy because I have two-factor auth. Does anyone have the same issue?

Maybe Steam > Parameters > Then, remove authorization from all others devices

This option is slightly hidden in your account area and then click “Manage Steam Guard”

Thank you for replies, but it’s not working :frowning_face:

  1. Login to your steam account using a browser, not the steam client.
  2. Change your password via that browser session.
  3. Remove authorisation from all other devices, as mentioned above.
  4. Keep this browser open.
  5. Login using the Steam client, using a checkmarked “remember my password”.
  6. When successfully loged-in using Steam client, you can close the browser session.
    (Else you still have the browser session open with access to your steam account to fix things if needed…)

Thanks for the reply, but sadly this didn’t work either.

steam > settings > account > [untick] Do not save accounts credentials on this computer.

Do not do this on a public PC

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