Status bar menus when scaling in Gnome

I have external 4k monitor and I set up scale 200% there. And menus from status bar look like this. The bug is present in 300% and 400% as well. If I turn off scale (100%) it is ok. I use X11.

I can’t add image to this post. I get an error when trying. But when I open any menu in status bar it has wide white margins and is barely readable

Can you try another gnome-shell theme, for example Adwaita-maia-dark or Adwaita? Graphical glitches often originate in the shell themes.

Thank you @Chrysostomus. It is Match-dark-sea theme problem. Other themes works fine, even the Matcha light versions… So I changed Shell theme to Adwaita-maia-dark, I like the look of Matcha-dark-sea more tough.

You can report the issue here

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