State of Suspend on Pinebook Pro

As I've been messing about with Manjaro and Gnome (LOVE IT! Hope we see a Gnome variant down the road,) I've noticed that Suspending is something I have to avoid actively. I don't recall any mention of it, but I had assumed that Manjaro likely had only Suspend to RAM for the PBP, like the PB. However, anytime my PBP enters suspend, I'm forced to reboot to get back to the desktop. The power light stays lit, but the session does not restore from any trackpad or keyboard input, or opening the lid after closing.

What's the current state of the Pinebook Pro's ability to enter a suspended state? Was my assumption incorrect about having Suspend to RAM available?

If it is supposed to be working correctly, are there any configuration files I should be checking? I've been using the first preview image and applying updates to it, instead of flashing each image as it's released. I know it's been stated plenty that by updating older images, many settings are not carried over through the update, and have to be changed manually.

Suspend not working is mentioned in the Known Issues section of the release post for Preview3.

Thanks, I must've missed it since I didn't download that image. Thank you, Strit!

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