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Long time satisfied manjaro user here. I am using xfce. For another system i am looking for another DE. I am impressed with Budgie. I want to know whether it is actively maintained in manjaro? Why i am asking is i can find 18.1 rc7iso for cinnamon and budgie is still at 18.04.Thanks.

You know what rc means?
You could download 15.0 , lot of updates but it will be manjaro budgie then on newest state and maybe more stable the a RC-ISO.

I am asking for latest iso why because for avoiding lots of updates after installing.

It is still maintained as far as I know but the community editions get ISO updates based on when the maintainer decides an update it appropriate. They don't always get rc ISOs.


Thanks for the response.

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Are budgie still moving to Qt?

Nope, they are sticking with GTK

Budgie is now at 18.1.0

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