Starting program from dmenu via terminal or background

I’ve installed IntelliJ Idea and the first time I started it via dmenu, I was asked to select “background”, “terminal” or “terminal_hold”. I selected “terminal” which opens a terminal and the window for IntelliJ. This was an error on my part since I don’t see the point of having the terminal open (I assume “background” is the correct choice for me). The problem is that some setting seems to have been set, so now every time I enter “idea” in dmenu, it opens it with the terminal. How do I change so the option selected is “background”?

Open the file ~/.config/dmenu-recent/terminal with a text editor, find the line referring to IntelliJ and simply delete that line.

Next time you’ll try to open the specific program using dmenu, you’ll see again the prompt asking you how to open it. There you’ll be able to choose a different way (background) for opening it.

The same goes for every other application you chose to open using the wrong option in dmenu.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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