Starting manjaro


Good afternoom.

I installed Manjaro on this notebook because I had a trouble with my HD partition.

And the Manjaro I’m using is XFCE edition.

I just have made the download and using the internet, that’s ok.

So, let’s to the question…

I saw some sites detailing how proceed with the initilization of Pacman, and a code wich have to be dated on any file, but the point is i don’t know what to do.

I choosed Manjaro becasu the AUR package, and now i want to download a version of OBS Studio wich only exists in this version of Linux.

Someone can say how i must proceed?


(I’m using Manjaro KDE so I don’t really know the concrete stuff of XFCE)

But I just opened the graphical software manager and searched for OBS and there was an “obs-studio” package there, ready for installation. Have you tried that? What’s your specific problem you need help with?


You cannot solve hd partition problem/trouble by installing a new operating system.

You might make things worse doing so.

Always fix disk/partition errors before installing a new operating system.


Are you referring to obs-studio-vaapi?


Be careful with AUR use Repositories.


If you want to see some thing like OBS in action is greateful but is one choice.

Maybe the program it’s correct maybe not.


Maybe is only a language barrier but your don’t reply much sense to me

There are only two results for obs-studio in the AUR
There isn’t much choice


That’s great man I want to learn how I use Google on my list of bookmarks… Rsss…

Let me call your attention. The programs are listed here on my interface using de Pamac instance of original installation. But I don’t know nothing about the programs I will use. They are listed on Arch Wiki Aur Repository.

So how I will download thay from pacman?

What I do with this?


Pamac and pacman are 2 different program, pacman is the command line package manager and don’t interact with the AUR

and [wiki] Manjaro - Updates and AUR

The AUR is for more experienced user, anyway before dealing with AUR packages you need to install the base-devel group

sudo pacman --needed base-devel git

Then you can enable the AUR in Pamac preferences (it is disabled by default) or build packages with the command line, like

pamac build lyricfier

Note that AUR package creation with may not always work because it si somewhat new


So if I could dowload they from Pacman was great, but I have tried the sudo pacman --needed base-devel git … without success.


pacman will never, pamac and others can do it

Post the error or we can’t help you


erro: falha ao obter o arquivo “community.db” de : Could not resolve host:
erro: “multilib” base de dados não é válida (base de dados inválida ou corrompida (assinatura PGP))
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I don’t see it among the list of repositories. Time to refresh your mirrors i guess:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f

You may have an update pending afterwards.


And after rebuilding mirrorlist you need to

sudo pacman -Syyu


pacman-mirrors -f
usage: pacman-mirrors [-h] [-g] [-m {rank,random}]
[-b {stable,testing,unstable}] [-c COUNTRY] [-d PATH]
[-o FILE] [-t SECONDS] [–no-update] [-i] [-v]
pacman-mirrors: error: unrecognized arguments: -f

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