Starting Manjaro on MacBook Pro 2015 by USB - blank/black screen

I have problem with starting Manjaro i3 on MacBook Pro 2015. It’s blank/black screen. I’m waiting for It 1 hour (nothing more).

I’ve testing on this MacBook and pendrive more linux.
Ubuntu 20.04 - working good.
Ubuntu 20.10 beta - only in safe graphics. In normal mode this same problem.
Fedora 33 beta - only in safe graphics. In normal mode this same problem.
Fedora 32 - works good.

Manjaro gnome and i3 - problem with starting on all settings.

Video: v i m e o . c o m / 4 6 9 2 5 7 0 0 4
(sorry for spacing, but Manjaro forum have weird rules)

try to add these options :
select free drivers
then (E)dit line command grub ( be careful keyboard is in US / qwerty mode )
uses arrows and add
“options i915 fastboot=1 enable_fbc=1 enable_guc=2”
then F10

It doesn’t change anything.

But if I set i915.modeset=1 to 0. It go next, but stop on this:

„Finished TLP system startup/shutdown”

Edit: why this forum blocks all content? (Images too)

I add:

And it work. But after installation I have the same problem with starting from disk. I can’t use the same solutions because I don’t have access to grub.

then with USB iso manjaro
boot , open a terminal

sudo manjaro-chroot -a ( type 1 if only one line 0 appears )
nano /etc/default/grub  ( add your option here "intel_iommu=on" )
exit ( end chroot )

It works. Thank you.

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