Start up programs in specfic workspaces on login

Hello! New to Linux in general so I hope my lack of technicality doesn’t frustrate.

Before going with xfce I tested every DE or WM I could get on the download page and while it ended up a bit too complex for my monkey brain, I really liked i3’s feature of opening specific programs in specific workspaces on login. Is this possible on xfce? After some browsing I learned of stuff like devilspie but I don’t know what I would do to make it work on login.

Hello @aeggy and welcome :wink:

I never used devilspie, but it is available at the repos and also the gui gdevilspie is available at the AUR. So would say it should work in XFCE, if you add it to the autostart programs. Just test it :wink:

I actually didn’t know it had a GUI, I tried adding it with pamac since I am pretty unfamiliar with the AUR but it can’t find python2-xdg and python2-wnck, couldn’t even find it in the branch compare site so I’m feeling pretty damn noobish right about now

Ah well, I didn’t check it. gdevilspie uses python2 instead of python3 and it is pretty outdated. Last update was 2010. Best option would that someone creates an appimage (which includes all dependencies for it), but someone have to create one. I am pretty sure, it will be removed in the future from the AUR.

Ok, then you can skip the gui and just use the bare tool.

Thanks for the time of day. Adding devilspie to autostart worked just fine, using programs without a GUI is always a bit intimidating but it wasn’t too hard to get going

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