Start job is running for an ethernet device that does not exist

Hi everyone,

first of all I am a beginner and may have messed some stupid things up somewhere, so I hope I have not broken something completely obscure but anything is possible.

My problem is that while booting, I get a start job is running for /sys/subsystem/net/devices/eth0, which times out after 90 seconds and makes for a very long boot. I’ve looked around for similar problems and the only thing I found was to disable the dhcpcd service for this device, or to look around in the etc/systemd/system folder for anything suspicious.

However I could not find anything related to the name eth0 anywhere I looked, be it a dhcpcd service, a device name on ip addr or in any config files or folder names I checked. So I’m guessing the start job is waiting for a device that does not exist? My ethernet network interface is called eno2.
Basically, I don’t even know how to look for a solution here.