Stable update notice Dec. 10, annoucement page thread has Nov. 23?

Hello, today I got a stable update notice [icon became green]. What I do then is go to the stable update announcement page, read and leave the new update thread open in a tab as comments come in, then wait and see :slight_smile: Today there is no new thread, only November 23 which I believe I already updated to. Is a new update thread coming? Also I see very recent comments in that Nov. 23 thread as well as 2 week old ones, which adds to my confusion. On another note, how do you check what your last update was? I couldn't have missed one, I'm on this computer daily for hours and alert to such things, but would like to know how to check. thanks

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Yes me too, today 2 GB update

If you are in doubt check the most recent from testing because it is the same package set which is now in stable.

A couple of things I know

  • compton got replaced with picom
  • gtk3-classic is now AUR - so you may see a query to replace gtk3-classic with gtk3.

thanks, I guess I'm mainly wondering where the new thread is in stable update annoucements, or should there be one. I actually have been looking/waiting for a new update as it's been a while [Nov. 23]. I rely on the stable update threads for info, I always wait before jumping in.

Sorry I'm not sure what I would be checking for or how to? thanks

For issues and solutions if there any. If you don't feel confident enough, just wait for announcement it will be here sooner or later :slight_smile:

$ pacman -Qm
mhwd-catalyst 1:15.201.1151-2

$ sudo pacman -Rn $(pacman -Qqdt)
checking dependencies...

Packages (2) libkgapi-19.08.3-1  mhwd-catalyst-1:15.201.1151-2

Thanks, could you clarify please, what does this process do? I have 433 updates waiting in pacman now, I'm in no rush to update! Just wondering where the new Stable Update thread is, or if there is indeed supposed to be one. I don't do anything until someone has cut a trail! :slight_smile:

Thanks, yeah I'll wait and actually was not going to post so soon but... I've been routinely following the stable update thread for about a year now and this is the first time I've seen an update notice and there wasn't a thread already going. Usually with 20 or so comments started!

There will be a proper update announcement, but I was posting this to note:

  • No serious breakage (I use the TTY for something this big)
  • One package was removed from the repos
  • Another package was orphaned
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Actually this is second time this year if I'm not wrong. It happens when devs are extra busy.
If I understand correctly Philm had wedding few days ago :slight_smile: yay :upside_down_face:


Nice! OK yeah I'll just hang loose next time, this was unusual in that I actually saw the update icon turn green out of the corner of my eye. I think usually a good many hours have passed before I'm online and see the update.

Here we go:

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