[Stable Update i686] 2019-08-03 - GCC, systemd, Chromium, Palemoon, Kernels

Something went very wrong with this update. I got a bunch of errors related with systemd not finding a specific library. I tried to downgrade systemd packages to no avail. I knew rebooting would go bad, but I did it anyway and was dumped to a rootfs shell.

I currently don't have access to that machine. Later I'll burn a thumb drive and I'll post the errors I got.


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That sounds like a partial upgrade state...

But the update went through to the end!

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It can also be caused by one of the repos being behind the others on the mirror (e.g. [core] being ahead of [extra]).

Maybe... I always change mirrors before an update (ex.: pacman-mirrors -f5 && pacman -Syyu). Can it still happen?

It shouldn't... but I'm not sure. I can't think of another reason for having wrong library versions (e.g. it tested OK for me).

Ok, I chrooted and updated linux414, systemd, systemd-libs and systemd-sysvcompat. Everything working now.

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