[Stable Update i686] 2019-04-13 - libidn2 rebuilds, systemd 242, Xorg 1.20.4, Palemoon, WINE, samba

Hello i686ers!

This is a medium-sized update which contains a lot of packages rebuilt for the new version of libidn2. Some packages may have been missed so please report any which you find.

Also of note is systemd 242 and Xorg. While the update worked without reported issues for others I'd still recommend switching to a TTY for the update, just in case. Otherwise, running an update with pacman from within a screen (or tmux or byobu) session should also work fine.

Finally, this set of updates will reset your Xfce wallpaper/background. I don't know why (it happened in x86_64 too) but it didn't seem like that big of an issue to worry about too much. You can just re-set your wallpaper as normal.

Other more standard updates to things like Palemoon and Firefox.

Also, kernels.

Full list of changes

Available here.

Anyone who would like to help out testing the upstream packages, please read the archlinux32 thread for details about how they automate their testing process and how to get involved:


(running this in an archlinux32 VM would be fine, there will hopefully be a way of doing this directly from within manjaro32 in the future)

Available kernels

Series Version PAE
linux316 3.16.65 No
linux318 3.18.138 No
linux44 4.4.178 No
linux49 4.9.168 No
linux414 4.14.111 No
linux419 4.19.34 Yes


If you find manjaro32 useful please consider donating to, or helping out with, archlinux32. It's a small team taking on a huge project and any help will no doubt be very much appreciated.

Why aren't the available packages/package versions the same as x86_64?

archlinux32 packages are based on Arch packages but may need editing to build correctly. Builds of less-popular packages are lower priority.

Manjaro-specific packages may lag behind x86_64 because there aren't as many packagers. If you notice an important package is lagging please report it; at the moment it's only me packaging for i686:

I'm only packaging current LTS kernels. Any marked as EOL are dropped. I'll not be building the mainline kernel.

What about security updates?

I cannot guarantee timely security updates on x32-stable. If this is critical for you I recommend you switch to x32-testing or cherry-pick those packages from x32-testing or x32-unstable as they become available.

Something broke. Isn't this meant to be stable?

"Stable" means "infrequently changing", not "everything will work perfectly all the time". If you want it to mean everything works, you need to help test the things you're interested in.

What about installer images?

What about x32-testing and x32-unstable?

These are already available, and I recommend you use x32-testing if you can to make sure testing is done.

x32-unstable should be used by anyone who wants to try and find any issues before they impact other people. If you have multiple/many machines you really should run one of those on x32-unstable.

Any problems?

  • No issues, everything went smoothly
  • Yes there was an issue. I was able to resolve it myself. (Please post your solution)
  • Yes I am currently experiencing an issue due to the update. (Please post about it)

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Known issues and solutions

My wallpaper was reset!

Yes. Just set it again.

Update on 1 System and 1 VB without Problems.


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