[Stable Update i686] 2019-02-18 - systemd, LibreOffice, KDE, firmware



I think you’re right… i was reading all stable x86_64 issues and it seems to be the GUI updater.
Avoid using graphical updater

In terminal

sudo pacman -Syyu

and update shouldn’t have so much problems.


Update on 1 System and 1 VB without Problems.



I updated my 2 media-centres (Acer P253Ms with 8GB Ram and running TVHeadend, Kodi and ) after the 2 dramas with 2 other laptops that both had to be reinstalled.
These 2 went OK. I did not follow all advice, because I was logged in to Plasma and ran pacman -Syyu
On one of the two the python cache file had to be renamed.
Both finished without problems. I re-booted them. On both I afterwards ran my favourite pamac to update google-chrome and some other AUR packages separately.
With future updates I’ll probably wait until it is clear if there are any problems and decide to run pacman to dodge problems or pamac as I always have.


@yotties those 2 laptops that had to be re-install :sweat: were they updated via pamac?


Turns out to have partly been due to me having a misunderstanding of the “virt” column in htop. Though it was still showing several gig in the “res” column.
After digging, I’ve found that the problem was coming from the system tray; specifically the “application status” entry. Unselecting this brings “virt” down to about 3G and more importantly, brings “res” down to 256M". Which is far more sensible.


Hi Bio3.

The first two I installed from a USB dated late nov 2018.
I then used pacman commands to update the first 600+ updates.
After that I used pamac to add some common software from the repos and AUR (kodi opera opera-dev etc.)

The updates that went wrong were both done using pamac.

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