[Stable Update i686] 2018-11-25 - Quite Literally Everything™



I am using kernels 4.9 (working with flawless before latest update and after with “options i915 enable_guc=3” in /etc/modules.d/i915.conf; s.o.) and kernel 3.18 from the repo. Latest official LTS kernel from 3 series is 3.16 but its not compatible with QT5 (manjaro-settings-manager depends on that) and has some issues with memfd. So I hope linux318 will be maintained like a LTS by the hardworking manjaro-team for people like me happily using manjaro32 on a really old laptop. This kernel is really working ootb.


Thanks for raising this issue.

Thank you for this clarification.
I harbored the illusion that latest kernel is the best which was reinforced by Manjaro prompts to shift to new Kernel. So I have installed 4.19. But it and kernel 4.14 now crawl making the system very sluggish even with just one app prompting me to boot into the 64 bit KDE on this computer for regular use.

On reading the above comment, I installed “glances” to check system load and core temperatures. Thereafter, I installed all the old available Kernels and tried each at a time. I found that for my Dell Latitude D630 Kernel 3.16 made the system fly. It runs very cool and both cores do not stress at all. In fact its performance now is way better than the 64 bit Manjaro KDE. I have also installed zswap which has made the system very responsive.

Latest is not necessarily the best, at least for me. I agree, if one has old hardware, it is probably wise to tinker around and find the kernel that works best for ones hardware. Thank you jbMacAZ.