[Stable Update i686] 2018-09-23 - MESA, Firefox, Palemoon, Kernels



Hello i686ers!

This is a quick-turnaround update to fix issues some people were having with open-source graphics drivers (nouveau and ati/radeon) which prevented graphical login.

There are some other updates, e.g. Palemoon.

Also, kernels.

Anyone who would like to help out testing the upstream packages, please read the archlinux32 thread for details about how they automate their testing process and how to get involved:


(running this in an archlinux32 VM would be fine, there will hopefully be a way of doing this directly from within manjaro32 in the future)

Available kernels

Series Version
linux316 3.16.56
linux44 4.4.157
linux49 4.9.128
linux414 4.14.71
linux419 4.19rc4 PAE


If you find manjaro32 useful please consider donating to, or helping out with, archlinux32. It’s a small team taking on a huge project and any help will no doubt be very much appreciated.

Why aren’t the available packages/package versions the same as x86_64?

archlinux32 packages are based on Arch packages but may need editing to build correctly. Builds of less-popular packages are lower priority.

Manjaro-specific packages may lag behind x86_64 because there aren’t as many packagers. If you notice an important package is lagging please report it; at the moment it’s only me packaging for i686:

I’m only packaging current LTS kernels. Any marked as EOL are dropped. I’ll not be building the mainline kernel.

What about security updates?

I cannot guarantee timely security updates on x32-stable. If this is critical for you I recommend you switch to x32-testing or cherry-pick those packages from x32-testing or x32-unstable as they become available.

Something broke. Isn’t this meant to be stable?

“Stable” means “infrequently changing”, not “everything will work perfectly all the time”. If you want it to mean everything works, you need to help test the things you’re interested in.

What about installer images?

There’s a rapidly ageing image over here:

There’s work being done to fix i686 image building (it broke); a new image should be arrive after this update set.

What about x32-testing and x32-unstable?

These are already available, and I recommend you use x32-testing if you can to make sure testing is done.

x32-unstable should be used by anyone who wants to try and find any issues before they impact other people. If you have multiple/many machines you really should run one of those on x32-unstable.

Full list of changes

Full list of changes is available here.

Any problems?

  • No issues, everything went smoothly
  • Yes there was an issue. I was able to resolve it myself. (Please post your solution)
  • Yes I am currently experiencing an issue due to the update. (Please post about it)

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[Testing Update i686] 2018-09-21 to 23 - MESA, Firefox, Palemoon

Known issues and solutions


Haven’t updated my Wife’s computer for a while. This was a 1.5GB download. Apparently all is fine. Thank’s a lot for your effort.

EDIT: I also changed kernel 49 to 414. Running fine :wink:


The update went smoothly. Let me rattle the box a bit to see if some bits-n-bobs come falling off :rofl:


the support for 32 was not going to the end?


This isn’t specifically supported by the team (though Philm helped with the infrastructure). This is a personal effort from Jonathon. Think of it like a community spin.


yes, I know but during last update @jonathon said he was going to live the support cause not time to follow up


Well, that’s understandable. He hasn’t had much feedback (me included).


I was starting to get annoyed with things so I took a week away from the forum. Updates kept happening, I just wanted a break.

i686 support relies on package maintainers ensuring package updates are made available. At the point of the last x32-stable update there were many packages which hadn’t been made available, and that meant I couldn’t build them for i686. SInce then, they were update again so I can continue building them for i686.


Thanks for taking a break and reconsidering. A lot of people depend on you and the job you are doing is appreciated. When a bad patch looms again on the horizon, listen to “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush. Keep up the good work:grin:


For my Stable driver, Using XFCE flavor. I’ve noticed the pop-up message keeps flickering :tv: when I hover at side panel of Thunar, I think it is a part of GTK element , the one that displays quick info like remaining storage or short info about the link that you can click. It keeps flickering while hovering on other Application also like Pamac (GUI). Has anybody got this issue or anywhere this has been addressed??:thinking:


I had some flickering on my Wife’s 32bit KDE, but it went away with an update. This was awhile ago.


Then, there must be a fix/patch for XFCE also. I hope this issue gets addressed soon.


Update on 1 Machine and 1 VB without problems.

Mesa Packages are Working again too.