[Stable Update i686] 2018-09-14 - Large update, KDE, Firefox, Chromium, Python, Haskell, TeX Live, Virtualbox,



These three…
Downgrade did “something” with mesa-vdpau but did’nt tel me anything
With libva-mesa-driver, I had a list, but the suggested version number was not in there, so I closed my eyes and hit a button… :thinking: …perhaps not really the “Linux way” :rofl:
Mesa did’nt pass thu the downgrade, wayland complained, so, I did the “blindfold magic” on wayland too…the the downgrade of mesa did work…or…not, still blank screen, LOL
actually…may I state (to all the non-believers too) that I’m having fun!


Would you care to post the pacman.log which shows these last operations?


Yep, let me re-Chroot :wink:
…after airances…be back in a click :slight_smile:


Hi, found here
It is a section, I have the whole thing, but this is the section of when it went wrong…
Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, but the log doesn’t show that you downgrade the three packages to version 18.1.7-1.0.
Here is the Manjaro Wiki article: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Downgrade
You need to set the environment variable DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1, if you have trouble with that you can run it this way
DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 downgrade mesa mesa-vdpau libva-mesa-driver
then select for each of these the version 18.1.7-1.0.


Okay. Since I did’nt get the right version in the list, I did an export, and printenv did show the env var…
That is good.
A second try did not reveal the required version. I’m looking for a way to invlude it from an archive somewhere…
I get 30 entries, the first one (the currect version) is at, then it pops to 17.2.4-1, there is a gap…and I suspect it(s there because I’m not tuned in to the right repo. Ehm, I did try to resync the repos as well (pacman -Syy)
I love this :slight_smile:
Some systems need to break down more often, LOL
(NO sarcasm intended, I genuinly enjoy this…lucky it’s a redundant box so there’s no real urgency)


Ehm…I was at the archive and did find the package, but the 64-bit version…oops…


Here are the listed mirrors https://www.archlinux32.org/download/
You can also click through repo.manjaro.org -> x32.

Edit: Here are the desired versions: http://arch32.mirrors.simplysam.us/i686/extra/


For the Downgrade I used the very Manual way:

I Downloaded the needed Files from an Manjaro Mirror that was not Synced for 220h’s at the time Downloading.
(Since a few Days the Server is Synced, so the Packages are gone.)
Good is that I Saved the Files for myself on my Intranet Server together with a complete Clone from the Manjaro Repo.
I Packed the Files into an Archive and Uploaded it to my Internet Server.

  1. Download: Link Removed.
  2. Extract the Archive to a new Folder.
  3. Boot a Live System
  4. chroot to the Installed System and navigate to the Folder the Files are Extracted.
  5. Use the Command

sudo pacman -U mesa-18.1.7-1.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz libva-mesa-driver-18.1.7-1.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz mesa-vdpau-18.1.7-1.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz

to Downgrade the Packages.



thanks @jonathon for your time and effort during this year.

Will it be possible to convert my installation to arch32?
If yes can someone post the process?


Visit archlinux32.org, they have a lot of information. It basically boils down to replacing /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist with the one from archlinux32 and updating the system.
But I would recommend to try Bluestar Linux or Parabola Linux (if it works on your machine) which both have a graphical installer.

But this is not the right topic to discuss migration to archlinux32. Please, no follow up questions on it in this topic!


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Nope don’t do that. That probably won’t work and it is not recommended even if it did.


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