[Stable Update] 2023-07-10 - Kernels, Plasma, Gnome, LibreOffice, Pipewire, Mozilla, Wine

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And what do I do with electron25? It won’t uninstall or install.

installing pamac-gtk (11.0.1-2) breaks dependency 'pamac>=10.0.2' required by pamac-tray-icon-plasma

I’m getting above error.

Hello everyone.

I get some problems after installed this update - please, can you help me with a solve or advice? I use the Manjaro GNOME for 1 year and don’t see something about this yearly. Also, I clear reinstall the system with delete all a month ago.

1 problem: if I install a 6.4.2 kernel and reboot system the display resolution is “broke”, because the screen size is change from “1920x1080 144 Hz” to “3280x… 60 Hz.”. I can change this to 1920x1080 but without 144 Hz - only 60 Hz with 6.4.2 kernel. If I change kernel to 6.3.12 (this is been before current update) - it isn’t this screen resolution problem. When I migrated from other older kernel version (6.0.0 to 6.2.0 or 6.2.0 to 6.3.0 for example) I never saw this problem.

Meanwhile, I have a linked problem when start the system: I don’t see a loading manjaro screen with “manjaro” label under a logo picture of my laptop vendor and three pointers of progress bar with 6.4.2 kernel - no this problem with 6.3.12 or older kernels.

2 problem: when I start the system the notification of system updater has info about new updates of AUR packages. I use two programs from AUR-package before: “VS Code” and “Plex Media Server”. But when I started to install it by command line or GUI pamac I have the same bug for both way:

When I clicked “Применить” or “Править сборочные файлы” and next clicked “Сохранить” (Save) for every files I see next picture finally:

Thanks for you time and help.


Same here using X11.

I’m facing exactly the same packages become related to AUR. BTW, other core and extra repositories - are they populated with packages? Mine are totally empty (see my post above).

Problem with pamac theme was reported as known issue in Testing branch


▼ Pamac GUI theme does not match theme for Xfce

pamac-gtk 11.0.1 uses Gtk 4 that is not supported by Xfce
user can replace pamac-gtk with pamac-gtk3

pamac install pamac-gtk3

Totally don’t mind libadwita as an option as long as gtk3 exists as well. I personally can’t stand libadwita with it’s overly opinionated idea of telling me how it has to look vs me telling it. Might as well use Windows or Mac if I wanted forced stuff like that :wink:

But more seriously, plz keep the gtk3 option around basically forever, or until the Gnome Foundation goes away / becomes better


I have the same opinion! You should have left pamac-gtk3 as default. Because gnome is used by no more than 25% of users. For example, in the two years I’ve been using manjaro, I’ve only used libadwaita for easyeffects. Besides, migration of popular programs to libadwaita will take many years (unless rh-ibm-canonical kills linux in the meantime).

Thank you for pointing that out.
I don’t think that was mentioned in the announcement here yesterday…

I also have the issue “Pamac GUI theme does not match theme”, but I’m on KDE, not XFCE.

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It was not mentioned in announcement yesterday but issue with GTK theme was mentioned in response to @liberodark comments

I have added this to list of known issues in post #2

@Nerdgasm If you install pamac-gtk3 to replace pamac-gtk and confirm it works for KDE, known issue can be edited to include KDE

Those who have updated to libpamac 11.5.5-1 should use sudo pacman -Syu to update to the latest version of libpamac, which fixes the update function.

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Added bit about cleaning out old repo using sudo pacman -Sc to wiki entry.

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Pamac GUI shows Packages for Core and Multilib for me. (everything fine there)

But “Community” shows No Package found
and when i click on “Extra” the Pamac GUI just crahes.

Changed brave-browser GTK theme to “Use Classic” to get Dark Brave colors setting for borders that were otherwise Light with the new GTK4.

Everything else appears to be working after update.

That repo is gone. Look at the wiki post again.

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I am devastated.

my fsearch doesn’t work anymore.

In the past when a Manjaro update caused an issue, I simply uninstalled and reinstalled fsearch - worked each time!

Now it says:

failed to prepare transaction
target not found

The flatpak version is up for grabs but it attempts to install extra stuff that I am not fully convinced I need for one thing only: fsearch.

There’s no discussion mentioning that fsearch is dead.

[2023-07-09T18:04:42+0100] [ALPM] upgraded libpamac (11.5.4-1 -> 11.5.5-2)
Does that fix GUI?

Is 11.5.5-2 good (just 11.5.5-1 bad)?

This update is a complete non-starter. Pamac fails with multiple catch-22s, including, but not necessarily limited to:

  1. Entity “cblas” is not compatible and must be removed, but can not be removed because everything is dependent on it.

  2. Entity “python-faust-cchardet” must be installed, but can not be installed because no such entity exists.

  3. Using the suggested pacman workarounds (sudo pacman -Syu “pacman>=6.0.2-11” blas-openblass) bypasses the “blas” issue and does not appear to trigger the “python-faust-cchardet” issue, but requires downloading and installing PPG keys of a half-dozen Arch developers, but even after doing that, it downloads 245 packages then flags each and every one of them as being “corrupt” due to “pgp key issues” and individually asks me whether I want to delete each and every package, one at a time. I don’t have time to sit here typing "n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter n Enter 245 times.

So, something is broken. Until it gets fixed, I can’t do this update.

UPDATE, Tue Jul 11, 2023, 7:01PM PDT: I was able to finally do this update. The key was to update my “libpamac” (I think it was from 11.5.5 to 11.5.7 if I recall rightly) by becoming root and typing “pacman -Sy libpamac” before updating anything else. Then I became root and typed “pacman -Syu blas” (to bypass the cblass bug) and manually intervened several times (to bypass the python-faust-cchardet bug), and everything installed correctly.

Though I can immediately see one post-update bug: when rebooting, when I reach my graphical OS log-in screen, select user, and type-in password, I have to wait 60 seconds before clicking the arrow button or hitting Enter; if I don’t, the system freezes forever on the splash screen. Hopefully that’s the worst of the bugs, but we’ll see; after such massive updates, problems often crop up a few days later.

ADDENDUM, Thu Jul 13, 2023: The “need 60 second delay” bug above seems to have gone away. And I found another bug, and its fix: After the update, the icons in Pamac on all of my machines looked wonky (big blurry “warning” triangles); but I was able to fix this by going into Pamac and installing package “pamac-gtk3”, which replaces GTK-4-based Pamac with GTK-3-based Pamac. Everything now works correctly on all of my machines, as nearly as I can tell. (Most of my computers – home, work, and portable – run Manjaro-Plasma.)


I have found three problems with this update…

  1. For some reason, when trying to upgrade my AUR packages,pamac decided to pull in timeshift from the AUR. This might be related to the libpamac issue mentioned above.

  2. Logging into Plasma too quickly causes Plasma to freeze — the ttys work, so one can always log in there and reboot. Either way, it’s probably a race condition of some sorts, and best is to enter one’s password slowly, letting everything initialize in the background before logging in.

  3. SDDM and Plasma are now once again running at tty2 instead of at tty1, as we also had happening quite a while back. I suspect this would be a systemd issue.