[Stable Update] 2022-08-16 - Glibc with EAC fix, Nextcloud, KDE-git, Cinnamon, Haskell, Python

Hi all,
I had an issue with my lightdm upgrade:

  • I am on Manjaro stable : XFCE flavor. which comes with lightdm, by default.
  • I configured it to work with my fingerprint (it worked before the upgrade, it now works again after the upgrade + workaround)
  • I launch the pamac upgrade, and let the computer do its thing for a while.
  • I come back and try to log back into my session: but I faced a “Failed authenticate” error. (or something).
  • I couldn’t get my fingerprint recognised. I couldn’t enter my password: which happens when fingerprint doesn’t work, usually.

my dirty workaround:

  1. Open a new TTY (Ctrl + Alt + F2) and log into your session with the password. (because it works !)
  2. run: systemctl restart lightdm

This will reset your session:

  • All your unsaved work will be lost.
  • Unable to see the output of the previous pamac upgrade (warning or errors)
  • but the fingerprint is now working back again :tada:

Happy to take any advice on this: what should I have done? ways to save the work ? ways to authenticate ? Ability to get the pamac upgrade outputs ?

Thanks all.

Thank you! That led me to the problem. The issue was not “using a share path outside a home directory”
because i’ve tried to make a share inside my home directory and got the same issue. So I uninstalled apparmor and snapd and all its dependencies. Don’t need Snap packages anyway. Now it’s working to make a network share thru Dolphin again.

Replying to myself (bad form).

Was not getting update notices.

I had to pamac update --force-refresh to get the database to sync. The lck file didnt exist, so there was another issue. Now I will wait and see if I get update notifications.

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I got a similar probleme once ago…
Probleme was, even after updating the mirrorlist in pamac, i got no update notification.
Reason was, that the first server in the mirrorlist was outdated.
After i edited the etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist and removed the server from the list, the updates were shown.

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Oh no… You don’t need to remove AppArmor… Just disable it and reboot your PC

sudo systemctl disable apparmor

Bring it back Bring it back :rofl:
//Timeshift it back. I hope you snapshot that before you remove AppArmor :sweat_smile:

Follow up my thread … I’m still searching for proper way to config AppArmor to make Samba work again

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After the update the Ctrl key no longer works in my virtualbox virtual machines, it just treats Ctrl-C as the letter C etc, where it didn’t before the update.

Virtualbox guest additions are up to date, and the same behaviour is seen on both a Windows and Linux guest. When disabling its “mouse integration” option the ctrl key works as expected, but is a workaround that introduces its own usability issues. There’s an older issue relating to this in virtualbox relating to using ctrl on the host to locate the mouse pointer, however I don’t have this setting on.

This issue doesn’t occur in vmware virtual machines. I’m running the 5.15 kernel and Cinnamon.

I was just about to report the Ctrl key issue too. It’s not just Virtualbox. Any combo with left Ctrl is broken for me on multiple Cinnamon systems. I did some digging and previously they said this was a bug in XOrg that had to get patched. But that was in 2018.

So yeah, on my systems ( multiple ones so multiple keyboards ) if I try to do Ctrl+Shift for example, it does not work. But some things do. Ctrl+Alt left / right works. The majority of my issues are Ctrl+Shift but other things have not worked at times.

In the virtual keyboard I can bring up, when I press left Ctrl it never lights up to recognize it as being hit. Other keys do. But obviously that’s not completely right if Ctrl+Alt+left/right works.

I can use the right Ctrl and that works, but there’s no way I’m going to get used to that after a couple of decades of left Ctrl + something. :open_mouth:

In any case, something got borked with using the left Ctrl key in the update

Hello, I have a problem that I can’t access the internet but i can connect to wifi right after the update. How to solve this sir?. Now i’m running on 5.15.59-1. Thanks in advance.

Oh my… You’ve right! Never thought about it. Reverted with Timeshift and made the update.
Disabled the Apparmor and now Samba share is working again :slight_smile:
I hope there is a proper solution for it :confused:

Still errors in Journal when using Firefox:

I did open an issue on the Cinnamon Github page to let them know

edited to include link :


The update to the latest master cinnamon mentioned in that ticket has fixed my issue with ctrl in virtualbox. Thanks to all involved!

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Or use aa- complain to restore functionality:

sudo aa-complain /usr/bin/smbd
sudo aa-complain samba-dcerpcd samba-bgqd samba-rpcd samba-rpcd-classic samba-rpcd-spoolss

to check status: sudo aa-status
You might need to reboot afterwards
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Rhythmbox can’t start the DAAP plugin anymore:

LC_ALL=C rhythmbox
(rhythmbox:3399): libpeas-WARNING **: 10:12:22.324: Failed to load module 'daap': libcheck.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
(rhythmbox:3399): libpeas-WARNING **: 10:12:22.324: Error loading plugin 'daap'

This came with the 2022-08-13 update where libdmapsharing was updated from 2.9.39-3 to 2.9.41-1.
The following downgrade will fix it for the time beeing:

sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/libdmapsharing-2.9.39-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst 

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It seems that network manager cannot save or retrieve the wifi password from kwallet anymore.
Everytime I start my computer it asks me for the password again and if I check my journal I get the following warnings:

Aug 21 20:38:08 kded5[1307]: org.kde.plasma.nm.kded: Unhandled active connection state change:  1
Aug 21 20:38:34 kded5[1307]: org.kde.plasma.nm.kded: Error opening kwallet.
Aug 21 20:38:34 kded5[1307]: kf.bluezqt: PendingCall Error: "Failed to activate service 'org.bluez': timed out (service_start_timeout=25000ms)"
Aug 21 20:40:08 NetworkManager[705]: <warn>  [1661107208.9667] device (wlo1): no secrets: No agents were available for this request.
Aug 21 20:40:09 NetworkManager[705]: <warn>  [1661107209.8227] device (wlo1): Activation: failed for connection 'NETWORKNAME'

However, according to kwalletmanager, kwallet is running and and the entry for the wifi is there. so it seems there might be some issue with the communication of NetworkManager and kwallet

After this update, it seems it can’t auto mount with my NAS (network mounts) anymore…
Once my machine is started and I execute the following command sudo mount -a, the network mounts does work!

I use fstab with cifs for this, e.g.:

//serverA/Documents       /mnt/serverA/documents        cifs uid=1000,gid=1000,defaults,workgroup=WORKGROUP,credentials=/home/xtreemrage/.something,_netdev 0 0

This worked before, but maybe I have missed something?

Machine info:

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64 
Kernel: 5.15.60-1-MANJARO 
DE: Plasma 5.24.6 
WM: KWin 
Theme: Breath2 2021 Dark [Plasma], Breath-Dark [GTK2/3] 

Also, third-party program icons are not displayed in the system tray. Like steam, discord, manjaro-settings-manager or pamac-tray.

They are hidden at screen coordinates 0:0.
Left clicking in the corner of the screen shows the context menu of the program.

Unfortunately the existing solution does not fix it.


Because new user there is no such issue. I just deleted ~/.config/ded5rc and now all is fine.

I believe in the last update or something changed requiring the vers= option to be specified. I have always used the vers=3.0 in my config and it has continued to work without issue.

I looked but couldn’t find the posting on the site where it was discussed what changed within the last couple of updates but, basically for your example make it something like this:

//serverA/Documents       /mnt/serverA/documents        cifs vers=3.0,uid=1000,gid=1000,defaults,workgroup=WORKGROUP,credentials=/home/xtreemrage/.something,_netdev 0 0

You can use other versions if you are connecting to an older samba server 3.0 still goes back to windows 8 so it has been around for awhile and most NAS drives, etc are should be using and will probably work in most cases. If not just try the lower versions until you find one that works. Here is a little snipit I found awhile back explaining the versions and what version of windows used them.

    vers=3.0 is SMB3 i.e. Windows 8, Windows Server 2012
    vers=2.1 is SMB2_10 i.e. Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2
    vers=2.0 is SMB2_02 i.e. Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008
    vers=1.0 is NT1 i.e. Windows 95, NT 4.0