[Stable Update] 2020-11-27 - Kernels, Browsers, Maui-Apps, Pamac 10.0-Beta, Gnome, Mesa, Qt

My permissions of dhcpcd neither 755 nor 700 is 750:

hmanx /e/pam.d » ll /var/lib/ | grep dhcp
drwxr-x---  2 root    root    4.0K Apr 21  2020 dhcpcd

Do I need to change it ?

5.9 kernel Plasma 5.20.3 NVidia graphics 450.80.02 bare metal. Audacious (official repository) crashes on startup. Everything else ok.

Strange, in that I currently have freecad installed (and not KiCad), and opencascade 7.5.
I’m sure that there has been at least one previous update of freecad since it moved into the repositories, so is there a reason for the required downgrade?


I wonder if there is a need to use the 2 last commands for cups.
Indeed :

sudo systemctl enable --now cups.service

Creates the 3 services
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/printer.target.wants/cups.service → /usr/lib/systemd/system/cups.service.

Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/sockets.target.wants/cups.socket → /usr/lib/systemd/system/cups.socket.

Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/cups.path → /usr/lib/systemd/system/cups.path.

Hi! I’m using Manjaro KDE.
After this update I see a lot of messages when I shut down or reboot.
This is new.
I don’t know what’s wrong.
I don’t know how to capture those messages either.

They’re just warnings; nothing is wrong


journalctl --system --boot=-1 | tail --lines=25

will give you the last 25 lines of the warnings that are logged


sudo shutdown --halt now

will shut your system down without powering it off allowing you to read the warnings that are not logged leisurely until you press the power button.


The bug was fixed in all branches with the kernel update 5.9.11-3


When is the 5.4 update coming? (Yeah, on an LTS kernel here due to the nVidia kerfuffle)

P.S. I never realized I’m older than the Internet too! :older_adult: :joy:

linux54-5.4.80-2 :wink:


Hello @deemon, this is ceph :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

According to

Maybe you’re missing the package, if so install it. Check with pacman -Qs ceph.
Hope this helps.


another question about versioning.

Let me first say that every (Stable) update so fare
caused no problems/trouble, no issues.
Everything works as before.
From my point of view an impressive work. Thanks a lot!

Today Add/Remove/Updates present me with another update:

linux54 5.4.80-2
linux54-headers 5.4.80-2

But the Files list of the update does not reveal that version:
/usr/lib/modules/5.4.80-1- …

Where can I find information about this update and
why the versioning discrepancy respectively?

Manjaro is a rolling release distribution that is constantly updated.


Linux54 5.4.80-2 is a hotfix that fixes a problem with reboot or shutdown.


Understand that it causes some people a bit of distress when things are dropped on them, it requires thought and attention that they perhaps can’t provision. Let’s not argue about whether those types of people should use a different distribution model.

It’d be nice to have a fixed update schedule for major updates. (Not so easy I know)
It’d also be super nice to have a changelog / narration of what’s updated and why, especially with the push of patches and fixes soon after a major update.

Just musing. Thanks for the work! :smile:


Well, I know its a rolling stone…
I switched from rolling Sabayon(Gentoo) to Manjaro(Arch) recently.

The version discrepancy causes confusion (at times).
So linux54 5.4.80-2 should be named 5.4.80-1-hotfix-1,2,3 …

Anyway but where can I find information about the hotfix?
What has been changed?

I don’t have this problem with reboot/shutdown

Yep, can confirm. I saw a kernel panic on shutdown too, on several machines, just like @ufo_driver. Systems shut down correctly anyway, but the kernel panic was solved by the rerolled kernel.

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I hope you get a reaction from the manjaro team on this. Yesterday i did a fresh install adding the printer with these commands.
sudo systemctl enable cups
sudo systemctl start cups

The gitlab should help to get answers to such question, sadly the one for the 5.4 kernel seems to not be up to date:

The one for 5.9 is though:

and points to this fix:

namely the 0004-efivarfs-revert-fix-memory-leak-in-efivarfs_create.patch file.


Aha…yes…this is what I was looking for.
Thank you very much.

sadly the one for the 5.4 kernel seems to not be up to date:
Is that true?..
I mean if there is no commit then there is no hotfix in this case for 5.4.80?

I have the same issue with my Debian Unstable, and after updating it to Version 4.rc1 the problem was fixed

I can confirm 5.4.80-2 was fixed. Just got an update for linux54 package.