[Stable Update] 2020-11-22 - Kernels, Pamac, Gnome, Jade, OnlyOffice, Xorg-Server

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You need to provide more information regarding your issue. Does it boot up at all? You need to provide more useful insight, which increases the chances of you receiving some help. Also, are you on the stable branch? What desktop do you use? What symptoms is your machine showing? Do you have more than one LTS kernel installed? If not, you need to do that, once your system is fixed.

I would suggest you look in the newbie section for answers first, based on the symptoms. If you don’t find a suitable answer, then post.

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Ruziel :slight_smile:
PS - Okay, I see on your profile you are a KDE user on Stable branch. I hope you find a solution soon. Go well.

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Prior to latest update, I have noticed a major decrease in performance with Xwayland and Xorg apps.

Gnome theming is also broken under Xorg, but I mostly use Wayland, so that is not much of an issue.

For the performance decrease, it impacts both my Workstation and my laptops, including my ASUS Vivobook ( AMD A-12 [quad-core @ 2.9GHz], Radeon R7, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD [5400RPM]).

It is indeed a Xorg specific issue, but it does not urge, or is it important. Rolled back Xorg and everything works fine.

Otherwise, everything seems to be working!

I’m experiencing a similar decrease in performance. Rebooting helps on my side.

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Thank you, but I’m using intel HD graphics.

I thought I’m not supposed to write all that here (stable, intel graphics, boots to Dell logo then screen goes black, can enter tty), so I’ve created a separate thread https://forum.manjaro.org/t/black-screen-after-stable-update-2020-11-18/ No luck so far.

And I’m not the only one with a black screen and no solution after that update:

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I am using the 455 driver with kernel 5.9, so the driver seems operational for me so far. (see my post above - point4)
(Your mileage may vary if you use a different card as mine)

2 KDE-Plasma systems updated with no problems

Using kernel 5.9 here.
Update broke my VirtualBox:
Proceeded to download linux59-virtualbox-host-modules, tested with # modprobe vboxdrv, rebooted, now it’s working as it should.


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Same here and also for me rebooting is needed, but is just a workaround waiting for a fix.

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I’m also on unstable right now (on one device) and it has been resolved here with kernel 5.9.11…

Update went with no issues at VMWare guest with KDE version.
P.S. I use mesa-llvm-rc from AUR until mesa 20.2.3 available in stable.

I am on stable (in facts I updated as the title of this thread states) and on kernel 4.14, but I never encountered before the described issue.

I’m not sure whether it was xorg or kernel related - maybe none of both. There haven’t been any further xorg updates, and after updating the kernel things are back to normal on my side…

These “interim” updates (the kernel, I guess - I’ve been on 5.9 for a while now) appear to have fixed the Bluetooth issues resulting from the previous major update.

Headset and speakers are again connecting straight away without having to manually do so after having restarted the Bluetooth service as well (otherwise failed to connect). Seems there have been Bluetooth stack issues for a little while, until now.

Simultaneous Bluetooth A2DP and file transfer now working again. :+1:

Great stuff and a relief to have audio working properly even if it’s only been a few days. Thanks to all involved. :smile_cat:

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Had some orphans
lib32-attr liborcus python-sip startup-notification libixion
Happy to remove those.

libpwquality cracklib
Bit hesitant to mess with password stuff so these 2 can remain until i have read more about them.
eta: these last two are still in the ISOs. Downloading File /gnome/20.2-rc2/manjaro-gnome-20.2-rc2-201118-linux59-pkgs.txt - Manjaro Linux - OSDN
As a newb, am i misunderstanding?

Installed on iMac 2011 and everything working fine!

Is anyone else finding the new Javascript engine in Firefox is much slower than before?
I’m finding it so sluggish that I’ve downgraded to 82 and the improvement is immense.

Just food for thought: Are you sure your perceived slowdowns are attributable to the javascript engine (alone)?

I haven’t noticed any performance issues with the new firefox. Are you having issues with particular sites?

I typically have at least 20 and more typical 40-60 tabs open at any given time and firefox if anything has been getting faster over the past several updates. Sometimes clearing out all the cache can help clear up performance issues, I typically do that once every couple of months whether it needs it or not as a kind of “maintenance”.

Also do you have any custom settings enabled/disabled in the about:config.

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