[Stable Update] 2020-08-22 - Kernels, Deepin, KDE-git, Firefox, Pamac, Nvidia 450, KDE Apps 20.08

After the update 2020-08-22 I cannot play Urban Terror anymore. When I start the game (should start in full screen) only a black window opens with sound of game and whole desktop freezes. Then I must kill the game from console and when return back to desktop my resolution is changed (becomes much smaller) and consequently all opened windows are resized with parts off the screen. The issue is present on kernels 4.19 and 5.8 and I use XFCE DE with Nvidia-430xx-bumblebee GPU driver. I have never had before an issue with Urban Terror on Manjaro. I haven’t tested much other things after the update. SM Player and Firefox seem to work fine.

I had little issues with nvidia 450.x drivers, but there is the solution.
I want to install new nvidia 450xx, but i can't remove 440x-prime drivers

Cinnamon 5.4 update went smooth, all is good. Thanks Manjaro team for yet another smooth update.

excellent update on plasma -

kernel 5.8 appears significantly faster / snappier / don’t know how to really test this.

Off-Question: With the ongoing discussion on grub, how do i know whether my system is susceptible? Does this apply to all grub users? What are the potential consequences of not doing the upgrade? I have a luks encrypted system and would not want to reinstall given all the time it takes to tweak the configuration.

You have all the nvidia drivers installed. You can check it out by typing mhwd-nvidia in pamac GUI or in the terminal with pacman -Ss

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Yea I noticed that after my comment but forgot to go back.

I found that the problem is caused by some changes in the HDA Realtek code in the Linux kernel since version 5.7.10. These changes have also been extended to all LTS kernel versions.

At the moment there are 2 ways how to “temporarily” solve this problem:

  1. Compile and install kernel 5.7.9
  2. Compile any new kernel with a small patch, which somehow, but solves this problem (the patch needs to be customized for each laptop separately)

I’m currently trying to figure out exactly what change in the code caused this problem, but it will take some time.

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I was told that exploitation of the grub issue requires local access to the machine. Is that a scenario you’re worried about?

On the other hand, chrooting into an encrypted Manjaro installation and re-installing grub was much less of a hassle than I had initially assumed. Quite the educational experience, too.

thanks for your insight florian…

the machine is a desktop in my apartment - so no direct threat unless there is a break-in i would think.

however - your comment is well-taken. is there a guide for the chrooting process?

After upgrading my Manjaro KDE installation, I got welcomed with a “Failed to start Loading AppArmor Profiles” after booting and before the login screen. The system still “works” though. As in I’m typing this message now with it. Nevermind, the package firejail was the culprit. In my case I resolved the issue by unintalling it since I didn’t use it at all. But it seems the newest version which is released at 17 August got overlooked by the maintainer of the official repositories.

Not sure if related, but Still, KSystemLog “won’t start”/“won’t show up” after identifying with kdesu (or whatever it is nowadays). So I can’t verify if AppArmor was enabled before the installation. Hurray for binary log files.

After running it from the command line, I got this:

$ /usr/bin/ksystemlog -qwindowtitle KSystemLog
/usr/bin/ksystemlog: /usr/lib/libsystemd.so.0: version `LIBSYSTEMD_246' not found (required by /usr/bin/ksystemlog)

It doesn’t seem a permission problem. I tried running it as user and as root, with the same results.

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5.7 kernel, 440x nvidia drivers, gnome. Update went smoothly with the exception of ventoy blocked the upgrade from moving forward after downloading all the updates and checking the keys the following message came up:

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
ventoy: /opt/ventoy/tool/ash exists in filesystem
Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded

doing a sudo pacman -Rs ventoy left that ash file along with a few other files present so the upgrade still wouldn’t continue until I manually deleted the /opt/ventoy directory. This isnt’ the first time ventoy has had issues that block the upgrade from occurring I’m guessing this is an issue with the ventoy package. Anyway once the files where manually deleted the update proceeded fine. After I rebooted I re-added ventoy to my system.

I then removed the 440xx drivers via the manjaro settings (right click 440x drivers and selected remove). I had the gui show all the information and there were no errors or issues. I then clicked install 450xx drivers and everything installed without issues. I then rebooted and the new 450xx drivers seem to be working just fine. I also installed the 5.8 kernel as well and it seems to be working fine as well.

Thanks for all the hard work the team put into making this another smooth update.

Security updates:

We pushed some security updates to stable .

Grub 2.04-11.1

Fixes Boot-Hole issue.
You need to re-install grub on your system to complete the security fix: Bios-MBR , UEFI Systems

if you scroll up in the page you have instructions

After this update, i was unable to boot due to fail dependency on /home and start in emergency mode
Need to do a fsck on /home result in clearing all chromium data in order to boot.

My system info
System: Host: mrxyzl-20bs0032us Kernel: 5.7.15-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.19.4 Distro: Manjaro Linux


Everything went fine for me, except for PPSSPPQt (not a big deal though, I don’t use it these days) which crashes after a few seconds (core dumped error in terminal), I know this is due to hybrid nvidia-amd drivers because it did work fine with video-nvidia-440xx and the issue actually showed up with video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-440xx-prime, in both prime and normal mode

A lot of packages don’t have updated PKGBUILDs on gitlab

@hadogenes you can always switch to another branch :wink: to get some newer Packages :package: and help Manjaro developers out if you found some issues.

Switching Branches

You shouldn’t have any problems…it was the same here for me in so much as I was informed that the new Nvidia driver would be installed. But as I’m running an integrated Intel graphics unit it changes nothing.

I’m trying to rebuild some system packages from sources, but cannot find the sources.

Thanks again Manjaro Team for a smooth update on my Cinnamon box (kernel 5.4) and I just wanted to add that I had no problem updating the NVIDIA driver: I used the graphical version of MHWD, uninstalling first the 440 driver, then installed the 450 one, rebooted et voilà!

Everything seems fine, NVIDIA settings shows the right version, I just have to test it now with a game :wink: