[Stable Update] 2019-08-01 - Kernels, fpakman, Firmware, KDE-Git, Browsers, Java, XFCE 4.14-pre3, Haskell

Only the new (and at this point in time still beta) 18.1 ISOs for the three flagship editions will come with FreeOffice, but it will be an opt-out choice during installation, and FreeOffice can either way easily be swapped out for LibreOffice.

In addition to the above, how much difference is there really between having FreeOffice supplied in the menu and having a series of links in the menu for Microsoft Office Online, as is the case in the current Stable ISOs? And those are just as easy to get rid of.

Existing installations will either way not be affected. Nobody's going to be pushing FreeOffice onto your already existing Manjaro installations. :wink:

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We have a great relationship with Softmaker, the manufacturer behind FreeOffice. It is a solid German company, which exists since more than 30 years in the business. They approached us to add their software to our repositories. During our talks we offered to add it even on our ISOs.

With 18.1-rc5 and 18.1-rc6 we implemented it and waited for the reaction of the community. As expected it was mixed. Some are happy to finally being happy to be able to open DOCX and other MS-Office files finally under Linux, others simply don't like the fact of proprietary software for fundamental applications like an office.

Having proprietary drivers is a different story, as this enables your hardware with all the features you had paid for.

Based on the reaction of the community Softmaker is currently considering to update their FreeOffice with the following PRO features:

  • Enable to save in DOC, XLSX, PPT additionally
  • Enable to save also in ODT
  • Enable the Dark Mode

They are open for feedback and try to implement the user needs when possible. Also when our community finds issue, we have a direct line to them to report and get fast fixes delivered.

We are at a point that proprietary software can also work on Linux. The only difference is, that they have to protect their software, as it pays their bills. About 70% of the code is reused in their products. As OnlyOffice for example has opensourced their base version, there might be also a possibility for Softmaker to do the same, however this might need a lot of discussions at their end, as they still have to protect their special ingredients, which makes their products work.


This is perfectly doable, yes, even if it would mean a lot of work and legal research. After all, LibreOffice is a fork of OpenOffice, which was based upon the German StarOffice.

StarOffice was proprietary software, but it had been ported to GNU/Linux and it was free of charge for personal use. Sun Microsystems then bought StarOffice and released a modified and open-sourced version of it as OpenOffice.

Sun Microsystems was then acquired by Oracle, who immediately nuked their sponsorship of the community-developed OpenSolaris and forbade anyone to use the name Solaris ever again, and there were concerns that Oracle would soon come to do the same with OpenOffice. [1] So OpenOffice was forked into LibreOffice, and just to spite the LibreOffice developers, Oracle then donated OpenOffice itself to the Apache Foundation.

But it all began with StarOffice, back in the 1990s. I've even used StarOffice myself in my very first GNU/Linux distribution, the commercial Linux-Mandrake 6.0 PowerPack.

  1. There were similar concerns with regard to MySQL, which is why the original MySQL developer forked the code into what is now called MariaDB.

This update went well today.

Thanks again!

My family has its own business since the 1980s. Here are my thoughts:
First of all IMO it should be an opt in installation for FreeOffice not an opt out.

Also I find the name FreeOffice a bit (irreführend) since it is not "free" in the sense of "Libre", but free in the sense of free of charge. In Linux I am looking for Libre.

Saying they are closed source because they have to protect their code because it pays their bills is valid of course, but IMHO Manjaro should get something out of this deal (bundling FreeOffice in iso) financially.



Hi alexH

I think there will be an opt in installation (according to philm) in the final ISOs
if i red his post correctly



Just a short question, so far I stood on Java 8, right now it installed Java 11.

Configuring jdk11-openjdk...
Default Java environment is already set to 'java-8-openjdk'
See 'archlinux-java help' to change it

Is it necessary to change the default jdk for something?

Yes, we are working on a solution were the user can decide for himself during installation which office suite they want to install. Like that I think everybody should be happy.


Also Softmaker is currently working on implementing the ideas and wishes of the community into their free version. If they partly OpenSource we have to see, as this will be a complex topic to accomplish.


This is a viable solution if none of the options are selected by default.
I hope that the (philosophical) difference between the two software is well explained at the time of the choice.

I would also give the possibility to not install any office suite.

Thanks for listening the community.


Okay in that case that is perfectly fine.

Does the update to the kernels or anything else mean the new 3rd gen Ryzen AMD CPU/GPUs are now supported or is that still to come?

Newer processor architectures are never backported to LTS or "stable" kernels. You'll need the latest kernel generation for that, which is currently 5.3. But this is still considered an experimental kernel, so use at your own peril. :wink:

With Manjaro 18.1 we support Ryzen 3rd gen or also known as Zen2 CPUs by default. Just test the latest RC. Rc7 is expected soon before we ship the final ISOs.


We always do and discuss any issues the community sees internally and with our partners. It is simply counterproductive not to react.


Updated my
LXQT on kernel 4.19
XFCE on kernel 5.2
All good :+1:


Cool. By "expected soon" do you figure days or weeks?
I tried rc4 and although it got to CLI the GUI would not start. I am trying to get the new 3400G to work with the integrated Vega GPU. Is the CPU supported but not the integrated graphics?

Another flawless update. Thanks again for all the work the manjaro team puts into making this the best distro I've had the pleasure to use.

no issues - KDE on Kernel 5.2 with nvidia proprietary drivers 430.26

no issues - Gnome on Kernel 5.2 with nvidia proprietary drivers 430.26

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Hassle free update on 2 KDE machines. Thank you.

The latest is rc6, so you should try that. :slight_smile:

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