[Stable Update] 2019-07-17 - Kernels, KDE, Browsers, Systemd, Octopi, LibreOffice

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack && sudo pacman -Syyu

Did it for me.

Any plans to update stable ISOs for this? Systemd update is very nice to see for Ryzen 3000 users, but we still can't boot the stable image since that's not been updated with these changes.

Otherwise, should simply running pacman -Syyu on the live image with another PC actually persist those updates on the live USB, and get it to install the updated packages on the system it will be used to install Manjaro on? If so, then I'll be in business.

you can check mirrors as write in annoncement

There are currently releasing Release candidates for upcoming Manjaro 18.1.0 ISO images. Supposedly they are at RC5 according to the announcement, but I only find RC4 on OSDN.
(EDIT: Well, philm explained why I couldn't find RC5.)

No idea when it will finally be officially released.

I do agree that new ISOs are needed: even excluding issues there could be with the recent Ryzen 3000 processors, the 18.0.4 ISOs are just plain old and you have to do a pretty massive upgrade after install. There is work going on.

18.1.0-rc5 will be based on stable. However I found a last minute bug I'm currently working on ...


Thank you for letting me know but I did check my mirror. I try to follow all suggestions and requirements before I upgrade.

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Everything is fine in Plasma land. :innocent:

Smooth update on 2 KDE machines. Thank you.

One KDE and two Gnome machines using kernel 5.2.1-1 now and so far all seems well. Once again the Manjaro Team has done an amazing job. Kudos Thank you all for this amazing release. :smiley:

kernel 52 is very buggy
boots ups impossible, sometimes it is lvm2 stuff, sometimes it is ntp synchronisation,
so i gave up and went back to 419

Just wondering, did you have a reason to upgrade to Linux 5.2 to begin with?

are you trolling me ?

Manjaro i3 edition : update went fine, no problems after rebooting. My thanks to the Manjaro team

He's probably just commonsensing you :slight_smile:
Kernel (especially bleeding edge latest) is one of those things 'if it works - don't touch it, unless you really must' :wink:


no, it's always "dangerous" to use the last kernel, if is new


dude i compile my kernels since de 90' ,

if philm released it on the stable branch there are reasons, you might not know,

my hardware is usually bleeding edge

case closed

Update went smoothly on 5.1 / Cinnamon except for FUSE not starting, which is following me for
quite a bunch of updates allready...
Setting "StartLimitBurst=10" in "/usr/lib/systemd/system/sys-fs-fuse-connections.mount" solves
the issue, but i have to manually do that after pretty much every update.
Is there a global limit thats set too low on this machine or something? Clearly im doing it wrong.

done ...


KDE edition 18.1.0-rc5 (stable) is now online.


Blur is now back to normal colours on my laptop with Intel integrated graphics but it's now extremely noisy. If I turn down the noise, I get that watercolor effect. It was fine before Plasma 5.16. Any setting I could change to revert back to the "old blur"?

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