[Stable Update] 2019-04-03 - Mate, KDE-Dev, Cinnamon, Deepin, Browsers

That’s what @lisa informed. In testing has a newer version, the stable has not received the update and no it is present in the list of packages are present in this update.

My phrase was bad enough to understand what I meant. :joy:

But I already edited. :wink:

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Updated 2 I7 multi monitor production machines using terminal and sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack && sudo pacman -Syyuu. Completely without any problems whatsoever. Thanks to philm and the rest of the crew. Just excellent!

Added information about that mesa thing in the wiki post. Said that you can either switch or keep the one you currently have, but told that it is possible that it may change in the future.

Hope the instructions are clear enough.

EDIT: Also added information for Brisk Menu. Do not be surprised if you don’t have icons for categories anymore: it was a necessary temporary fix in order to make Brisk menu work on MATE 1.22 while waiting for upstream to adapt the menu for MATE 1.22.

EDIT2: Also added “Spring cleanup” on Arch Linux: impact on Manjaro, in case people wonder why some packages like cherrytree and thermald got removed from Manjaro repos.


updated cinnamon machine via TTY using sudo pacman -Syyuu successfully.

Brisk will be fix soon for categories icons, thanks to vkareh

Updated without problems

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Long-time Gnome user migrated to KDE after the 3.32 :poop:show, so first KDE upgrade…all went very well with pacman -Syyuu. :man_cartwheeling::computer::partying_face:


Update went ok but there are still bugs in qt5 that make using Krita (from repos) with a wacom pen tablet very anoying, leaving the canvas borks the cursor and this only happens while using the pen tablet, mouse has no issues. This thread in the kde bugtracking system explains this issue, in the same thread they list the patches necessary to build Krita against qt 5.12 to solve the problem. A temporary solution would be to use the official appimage.

Otherwise another excelent update, cheers to the Manjaro team.

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KDE, via TTY and sudo pacman -Syyuu. Had previously had to hold back mesa and wine-staging … let the mesa upgrade go through, and it’s looking like things are fixed … did another TTY, not holding the wine update, and tested a larger game also … all great; thanks for the great updates! :+1:t2:


Update to akonadi seems to have killed kalarm:
kalarm: symbol lookup error: kalarm: undefined symbol: _ZN7Akonadi10Collection21markAttributesChangedEv

Never seen this before. Any suggestions?


Running Mate with compiz on top, and everything went fine. Thanks!

And nearly helping him 3 days long in order to get a working fix… It was… Well, you can understand what I mean :smiley:

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One of the few and the proud Manjaro Deepin edition users checking in.

Currently backing up my files now, but will be doing a sudo pacman -Syyuu update in a few moments and will report back soon if things work or bork! :wink:

Did the update and restarted, just a few minutes in, but so far no problems to report! Phew, what a relief! Thanks Devs :+1:

Here’s my inxi -Fxzc0 output: HERE


I am getting the following error message after update with steam: `OpenGL GLX extension is not supported by display.

I’ve seen several posts about this on the forums, but the solutions (reinstalling various things, mostly) do not seem to work for me. AMD vega 56 using free drivers.
Okay, I did pacman -Syyuu instead of just -Syu, and it downgraded mesa (maybe some other stuff? not sure). Reboot, and I have steam again!!


I have a problem with the removable drive menu the extension is broken but I can still mount and remove devices and disk so not sure about the problem. I am wondering if I should just remove it. Oh and for those wondering yes I did update the extension.

Welcome to the dark side!

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@Ste74: may you check and adopt as needed? With short testing if possible, so briskmenu works.

Sure, this evening push all …

@fredb74 strange way to manage brisk-repo… now the issues are closed ? Don’t like external contributions at new solus dev ? :shushing_face:

this issue can appear in mate 1.20 & 1.21 also ( Stable version Solus & Ubuntu), i have some logs , and it had crashed one time on update

Update went well.
KDE update had not issues.

No tlp 1.2?


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