[Stable Update] 2019-02-19 - Kernels, KDE, LibreOffice, Systemd, VirtualBox, Deepin, Qt, Firmwares, Wine



I used Octopi for this update, although only by accident somehow. As far as I can tell there are no issues - at least system is booting, and there is nothing obvious wrong at the moment.


journalctl -p err -b

reveals nothing.

Is there any way, apart from testing some things, that something went wrong in this update?


I had this message too!
With the comments from @Frog and @ghayne I can sove it.


I update through pacman because I like to read and keep a copy of the update process that is output to terminal. There is extra information that is not logged to pacman.log. In pamac that information is in a small window and the lines are cut off (have to scroll around to read). So using pacman to do updates is more convenient for me.

However, I use pamac all the time to research packages. It is much quicker and easier than pacman for that. Also the notifications are very useful. I just don’t use it to do actual updates.


Pkgbrowser is also handy for this. It’s in the repos.


It’s true except when you use pamac-cli as root (with sudo). In this case pamac directly uses libalpm without polkit/dbus, as pacman does.


I had a very slight niggle, myself, after updating through Octopi using the GUI(for once I didn’t go through Konsole, twas mere laziness I fear)…:wink:


Only 2 months in with Manjaro. After much reading I used TTY: sudo pacman-mirrors -f and sudo pacman -Syyu. Thanks for various people advising on the forum. No errors at all. Then rebooted KDE via systemctl reboot, letting it naturally shut down over the 2+ minutes. Brilliant! Thanks for the updates. System is definitely running faster too. :slight_smile: :+1:t2:


Update completed successfully. I had to run systemctl reboot, because the shutdown icon did not appear in my start menu after installation. Then, “A stop job is running for User Manager for UID 1000” appeared on the screen. Following the instructions, I just had to wait a couple of minutes for systemd to update and everything worked fine.

I have updated my system through TTY, although I updated the mirrors and synchronized them with Konsole. For a newbie with a few weeks of experience in Manjaro, test passed. I confirm that it is important to read the instructions, and to listen to the experienced users! :grinning:


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Installed kernel doesn't show up 2

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Deepin Wallpaper and more by SGS

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Updated a few minutes ago using TTY (my first Manjaro major update!). Everything went smoothly although I got the ptyqt5 error. However waiting for a few days before updating, reading the announcements and applying the proposed fixes made this update a breeze! Thanks for the great work! I used the following procedure to update (taken from Applying manjaro update from TTY, credits to @rahulprabhakar):

  1. Save and close all application.

  2. Logout [Eg. In KDE press Ctrl + Alt + Del and then click logout]

  3. Press Ctrl + alt + F2 and switch to TTY2. You can also try Ctrl + alt + F3 for TTY3 if required.

  4. Login on TTY2

  5. Run nmtui (Ncurses based network manager gui to connect to Lan / Wifi.)

  6. Run sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 (Update mirrorlist with 5 fastest up to date mirrors)

  7. Run sudo pacman -Syyuw (First only download all packages to manage breaking change during package installation)

  8. Run sudo pacman -Syu

  9. Done with update, Run systemctl reboot


I used pamac in the ttyl and encountered this problem several times. I then used pacman and had a smooth update.


sorry for my frustration but I was already fed up by lot’s of bug’s I’ve been experiencing before, but now that libre-office and octopi became unusable I’m pretty sure I’ll be reformatting my manjaro laptop soon and move on to some other distro.


Originally coming from Windows and still using it at work and my desktop at home, I’m used to the “Don’t turn off you computer” message that is shown on screen during long update processes. Is it possible that some Manjaro users during this last update did a hard reset with the Power button during this update thinking that their computer had crashed and that caused an issue on reboot?

I didn’t see any messages during reboot after this update, as I have bootsplash installed and enabled, but knowing what I know, I just waited for the update to complete and had no problems whatsoever.

I also run Manjaro on an old Dell laptop with no fancy configuration, so maybe all the bugs have been worked out in the linux software for my level of hardware.


You are probably fine. (Remember that it is only a bit less than 20% of people having ‘problems’.)

If you did not pay attention at the time to the output - I generally read/skim through mine before closing the terminal - much of it is written to var/log/pacman.log.