[Stable Update] 2019-02-09 - Kernels, Deepin, Firefox, Wine, Python, Haskell



Sounds like a regression on your system. Did you report the bug upstream to kernel devs?
And what do you mean by “boots on and off”? Sometimes they boot and sometimes don’t?
Periodic errors are very tough to diagnose.


The elatech touch pad issue resolved in last update is now haunting my laptop again.
my toucpad recognized yet doesn’t work at all.
its same on kernel 419 , 420 and even on 414


Timeshift saved me.


Until a week ago or so my laptop booted 1 out 2 times normal.
Otherwise it booted into a black screen and I hard to to a hard reset.

But now it boots to a screen with a very low res.

I did not report the bug cause I thought that it might be my system only.


Do you think it’s a kernel or a Manjaro bug?


We can’t know without error logs. :slight_smile:


I already made a new thread about this, but it seems to be overlooked. :confused:

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Since I’ve been knowing what I’m doing and how arch is working (still learning though), I sometimes do that as well, if I have time.:wink:


Wait for the official announcement of todays update

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