[Stable Update] 2018-12-02 - Kernels, Plasma, Mesa, Cinnamon, Gnome, Deepin, XFCE, Vulkan



something like that should not be mandatory
its will be no different from m$


Whoops. Updated using a normal xfce terminal. Well, everything seems fine… I’m a little afraid of something happening when I reboot this thing but we’ll see! :grimacing: Going forward I think I’ll just always use a tty, just to be safe.


Yep. Thats what we need IMHO


Please do not write “m$”. It does not win us new friends from the Windows user community. It makes us look immature. That said, I actually agree with you more than I made clear.

As much as I agree that Windows’ strategy of forced updates on every shutdown is annoying, I did not mean to imply adopting such a strategy. Instead, when it is mandatory to perform large upgrades in a TTY (as is the case with this upgrade) and large upgrades will require a reboot anyway (new kernels usually prevent mounting my backup USB drive, and large upgrades can destabilize user sessions as described in numerous reports above), then the upgrade tools (pamac and perhaps even pacman) should at the very least warn the user to initiate the upgrade process in a TTY after saving and closing what they need to.

So when I say mandatory, in short, I don’t mean an obnoxious screen coming up every time you try to turn off your computer, which keeps it awake for another hour while it upgrades. Instead, I mean make it possible to perform the upgrade on shutdown/reboot if the user wants, and make it obvious that they should.


Oh come on now!


+1 for this. In stable, where we have batch-updates and often very huge ones It’s just dangerouse to run pacman inside the users session. Testing/unstable is another thing, because you have to expect that a unstable or a testing channel is hugged up at some point.

Also to play the “read the forums before update”-card feels like a “better stay away from this distro if you like to use your computer”-statement.


I had an issue with the default font Noto Sans. It seems that half of the letters where missing.


Choosing another font fixed it.

Everything else went smoothly as usual.


@philm, after that large and partly problematic upgrade, will there be a new install media anytime soon?

P.S. You promised to have a look at Regression in kernel 4.19.6 prevents my laptop to suspend, which especially would be beneficial now that I know that my laptop is the same as The Spitfire 2018 – 2nd Gen.


So, I’d be happy to put my money where my mouth is and contribute some effort to this. Just don’t know where to start.


I understand his post doesn’t exactly fall under the umbrella of this thread, but it’s off-topic to have ads for Manjaro hardware products in the update posts to begin with.


A little self-advertising has never done any harm. :wink:
cu m-sgs-38x16







My alsa sound via hdmi on an old radeon is no longer working in i3. I didnt see the note about dropping to tty before updating. I’m only able to play audio if I select the pcm device name, e.g. pcm.default “hdmi:CARD=HDMI,DEV=0”. Previously, I configured defaults.ctl.card 1, defaults.pcm.card 1, and defaults.pcm.device 3 for my device and everything was working correctly, including dmix. Setting the pcm.default to the device name, instead of the hardward, I’m not sure how to get the mixer configured.

speaker-test using the default device only does 2 channels, even when I specify “-c6”, the rest of the channels are “Unused”. speaker-test -c6 -Dplughw:1,3 goes through all the channels but doesnt play anything. speaker-test -c6 -D hdmi:CARD=HDMI,DEV=0 works though.


Is this recommendation to update via TTY just for this update, or for updates in general?

I apply updates regularly via the package manager gui application. Should I NOT do this?

What is the reasoning, and what are the risks?


Most of the time, it’s fine.

This warning is issued when upgrading may induce a hard crash of the graphical environment. If it crashed during the upgrade, the upgrade process would stop abruptly, which may make the system broken.


this is a huge update
with systemd upgraded

if you are not in TTY , on some DE you can have an error during the update coming from systemd ,
you will loose GUI , an error on level system is never good ,
then what you do after ?

have you think to made backup before ?

so do this update with minimal error risk
launch TTY ( Ctrl + Alt + F2 )


And also don’t forget to log out of the graphic environment first!!!


New Amarok with libssh is still broken. No database. libssh 0.8.1-2 is the latest working version. See here in german: https://manjaro-forum.de/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1791


Try Clementine a close proximate to Amarok.