[Stable Update] 2018-11-20 - Pamac v7.3, Matcha, Plane, XFCE


I didn’t say anything about rebooting. A good way to tell what processes need to be restarted after the update is using needrestart (available in the AUR).


Okay, so you changed the colors of the check boxes in Pamac, now they are gray. I liked Blue. How did you do that?


I find the gray a lot harder to distinguish. While I liked the green, assuming that was changed for good reason, how about, I dunno, Purple?


At the end of the update, pamac sends this message



Yeah, I am not a fan of the grey either. Blue was working nicely for me.


Hi @philm,
Marker color has changed before blue, then gray. I think, this is not good solution. Solution for this if possible - to use system theme controls or icons.


Very good job, i like it. Will it be possible to change it in dark theme?


my repo in the mirrorlist is updated but not update for my KDE…


## Country : Germany
Server = https://mirror.philpot.de/manjaro/stable/$repo/$arch

## Country : Germany
Server = http://mirror.ragenetwork.de/manjaro/stable/$repo/$arch


A bit ugly, but it’s ok. :woman_shrugging:


With Pamac v7.3.0-5 we changed the colors of the icons again and made them themeable. The previous icons (with the blue one) were copied from Papirus icon theme. So if you use that theme, you will have the blue icon back. Else you should see default icons (with new colors), because only a few theme provide those icons.


The green installed indicator looks way better, thanks for putting it back.


Yup, just like a box of Crackerjacks, you never quite know what the prize is going to be BTW, I got
three pamac updates including the 11/20 which was just pamac, guess not using the rest of the
update components might have something to do with that.


Thank you for the work but to me the icons look blurry now.
I tried and changed the icon themes on Gnome from Papirus-Adapta-Nokto-Maia to other Papirus icons and can confirm that the icons in pamac change design but all are blurry.

If I understand correctly this is the fault of the icon themes? (Not pamac)
I run a 4k monitor and all the other icons on my system are smoothly rendered except those…


I don’t like the new look of Pamac at all!


Can you please tell us the reason why? :slight_smile:


I’d like to try the Pamac CLI.
Is there a way to exclude a package from being updated, like ‘–ignore’ in pacman?


Yup. The option is… --ignore.
Source: pamac update -h in terminal


Got update:
[2018-11-24 19:11] [ALPM] upgraded thunderbird (60.3.0-1 -> 60.3.1-0)
[2018-11-24 19:11] [ALPM] upgraded thunderbird-i18n-en-us (60.3.0-1 -> 60.3.1-0)


Plasma desktop, kernel 4.19. 2-1.

Have been waiting for this one for a few days now despite re-syncing mirrors repeatedly through Konsole using “sudo pacman-mirrors -f0”.

Everything went well after re-booting & plain sailing here! :smile:

Cheers! :+1:

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