[Stable Update] 2018-11-20 - Pamac v7.3, Matcha, Plane, XFCE


Hi community,

Welcome to another testing update. So what do we have with this one?

  • The day of the Pamac (v7.3)
  • We also updated our Plane theme
  • Matcha theme got more fixes for Cinnamon 4.0
  • Small fixes to XFCE

We hope with all these changes Manjaro to be more efficient for you all.

Manjaro v18.0.1 Preview2 released!

If you are curious about the latest Manjaro-Illyria 18.0.1 release, you now have the opportunity to download XFCE Edition with the latest 4.13 packages, aswell as our most recent styling efforts. Our KDE fans may try our KDE Edition with the latest KDE v5.14 instead. And our GNOME fans may try our Gnome Edition with the latest GNOME v3.30.

Current supported Kernels

  • linux316 3.16.59
  • linux318 3.18.125 [EOL]
  • linux44 4.4.163
  • linux49 4.9.137
  • linux414 4.14.81
  • linux417 4.17.19 [EOL]
  • linux418 4.18.19
  • linux419 4.19.2
  • linux414-rt 4.14.78_rt47
  • linux416-rt 4.16.18_rt11
  • linux418-rt 4.18.16_rt9

Sync Package Updates (Tue Nov 13 07:29:01 CET 2018)

  • stable community x86_64: 3 new and 3 removed package(s)
  • stable extra x86_64: 7 new and 7 removed package(s)
:: Different overlay package(s) in repository community x86_64

                             PACKAGE           2018-11-17           2018-11-20
                    matcha-gtk-theme           20181107-1           20181113-1
                    plane-icon-theme                1.3-1                1.4-1
                         plane-theme                1.7-2                1.8-1

:: Different overlay package(s) in repository extra x86_64

                             PACKAGE           2018-11-17           2018-11-20
                               pamac              7.2.2-1              7.3.0-3
                           pamac-dev           7.3.0rc2-1              7.3.0-2
         pamac-dev-tray-appindicator           7.3.0rc2-1              7.3.0-2
             pamac-tray-appindicator              7.2.2-1              7.3.0-3
                    xfce4-panel-gtk3             4.13.3-9            4.13.3-11
                 xfce4-settings-gtk3             4.13.5-5             4.13.5-6
                      xfdesktop-gtk3             4.13.2-6             4.13.2-7
  • No issue, everything went smoothly
  • Yes there was an issue. I was able to resolve it myself.(Please post your solution)
  • Yes i am currently experiencing an issue due to the update. (Please post about it)

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Check if your mirror has already synced:

Still on Gellivara?
How to find the source codes for a package?

Known issues and solutions

This is a wiki post; please edit as necessary.
Please, consider subscribing to the Stable Updates Announcements RSS feed

i3 changed its default config path

It seems that (from version >= 4.16) i3 is looking for its configuration in ~/.config/i3/config instead of ~/.i3/config.
Copy your config to the new path and all should work as before. (reported from an i3-gaps user).

Items from previous update sets

I can’t open Nemo with elevated privileges (as root)

Workaround found: Use the dbus-x11 package instead of the regular dbus package. This package is available in the official repositories and provides dbus compiled without the --without-x option.

To replace dbus with dbus-x11 package, simply install dbus-x11 with your favorite package manager: dbus will be replaced by dbus-x11.

Pamac: “Failed to commit transaction - Transaction not prepared” at the end

So far, it has only been a false alarm: updates are applied successfully.

AMD-Ucode introduction

Unless you’ve already done this previously, All users of AMD-APUs/CPUs should install this update like this:

sudo pacman -Syyu
sudo pacman -S amd-ucode
sudo pacman -R intel-ucode
sudo update-grub

Step 3 is optional.

Rebuilding fontconfig cache: failed to write cache

Please ignore this message. Upstream already works on a solution. More about the issue here.

LibreOffice has no window decoration in KDE

New line export SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk3_kde5, once merged into existing /etc/profile.d/libreoffice-fresh.sh , fixes a moderately longterm issue. If it doesn’t work for you, you may use gtk instead of gtk3_kde5 as UI framework.

Installing glibc (2.28-4) breaks the dependency “glibc=2.27” required by lib32-glibc

Install the update either:

  • from terminal: sudo pacman -Syu or;
  • with Octopi instead of Pamac.

Something using Perl/Python/glibc broke

Rebuilds needed!

  • If it’s an AUR package, try to reinstall it from AUR. It most likely needs to be rebuilt.
  • If it’s a repo package, please report and check back regularly for updates.

I’ve lost a Thunderbird addon/feature

Thunderbird 60 disables incompatible addons by default. There’s an about:config switch should you want to force-enable the addon, but many addons simply will not work with the newer Quantum-based Thunderbird.

Read more about Thunderbird 60 here: Thunderbird 60

Firefox - WebGL not working anymore

You may try the following solution:

Open about:config and set security.sandbox.content.read_path_whitelist to /sys/.

libutf8proc>=2.1.1-3 update may require manual intervention

This should normally be automatically fixed via manjaro-system update.

The libutf8proc package prior to version 2.1.1-3 had an incorrect soname link. This has been fixed in 2.1.1-3, so the upgrade will need to overwrite the untracked soname link created by ldconfig. If you get an error

libutf8proc: /usr/lib/libutf8proc.so.2 exists in filesystem

when updating, use

pacman -Suy --overwrite usr/lib/libutf8proc.so.2

to perform the upgrade.

Pamac: “Invalid or corrupted package.”

If you receive an “Invalid or corrupted package.” error message with Pamac and if the details contains an output similar to the following:

Synchronizing package databases...
Starting full system upgrade...

Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...
Downloading manjaro-system-20180716-1-any.pkg.tar.xz...
Checking keyring...
Checking integrity...
Loading packages files...
Checking file conflicts...
Checking available disk space...
Upgrading manjaro-system (20180702-1 -> 20180716-1)...
==> Fix libutf8proc upgrade ...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...

Packages (1) libutf8proc-2.1.1-4

Total Download Size:   0.05 MiB
Total Installed Size:  0.32 MiB
Net Upgrade Size:      0.00 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] 
:: Retrieving packages...
downloading libutf8proc-2.1.1-4-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz...
checking keyring...
checking package integrity...
loading package files...
checking for file conflicts...
checking available disk space...
:: Processing package changes...
upgrading libutf8proc...
:: Running post-transaction hooks...
(1/1) Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate...
Running post-transaction hooks...
Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate...
Warning: lock file missing /var/lib/pacman/db.lck
Starting full system upgrade...
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...
Error: could not open file /var/lib/pacman/local/libutf8proc-2.1.1-2/files: No such file or directory
Warning: could not fully load metadata for package libutf8proc-2.1.1-2

Failed to prepare transaction:
invalid or corrupted package

Try the following steps: close Pamac window first, then launch it again and start the update procedure again. It should continue from where it left off.

Issues with folder view widget in KDE v5.13

KDE introduced a new setting for icon sizes. Now you’re able to define also the size for your panel. If you have a high-DPI display, you may want to increase the value. This will fix the display issue with given widget.


Pulseaudio changes

With this update we have a /etc/pulse/default.pa.pacnew. It may be necessary to merge (some lines related to “GSettings” in /etc/pulse/default.pa ) if ‘default.pa’ has been customised.

File conflict engrampa.tap

thunar-archive-plugin: /usr/lib/xfce4/thunar-archive-plugin/engrampa.tap exists in filesystem (owned by engrampa-thunar-plugin)

thunar-archive-plugin has added native support for the Engrampa archive manager. engrampa-thunar-plugin is no longer needed. Remove engrampa-thunar-plugin to continue with the update.


Markers are blue, instead of green, knocked out of the design theme. Details are not available when updating the database.


Pretty sure that’s a new “feature”. To make it more clear when a package is marked, installed or not installed.
Like pamac has changed it’s systemtray icon. :slight_smile:


You mean “stable” :grinning:


However, this is not correct feature, I think. Pamac is not only used by Manjaro users. Marker colors are not suitable for themes with blue color selection (for example Archlinux colors) . Selection color and marker color will be confused. It would be nice to use system theme markers.


I agree with that. But as far as I know, Pamac’s markers are png files, and as such not themable.


Works well with Clearlooks theme, but, it is not from that.


After I got the Pamac Update, the Update Icon in my System Trey is still Red. So I checked for updates again, and there are not any. But the Update Icon in my System Trey is still Red.

[ha@ha-ha ~]$ inxi -S
System: Host: ha-ha Kernel: 4.19.2-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: MATE 1.20.3 Distro: Manjaro Linux
[ha@ha-ha ~]$

One thing that I noticed during the update, is that the update downloads and then it checks for disk space. Seems to me that it should check for disk space before downloading…


Thanks for the many improvements! :+1:
I have a little question about pamac.
Is it possible to get a simple count of all pending updates from pamac (incl. AUR)?
Currently i’m using checkupdates | wc -l … without AUR support


you can read help :wink: pamac -h

pamac checkupdates -aq


ups sorry, i overlooked this option. thank you papajoke


It’s a “feature”. See this commit: https://gitlab.manjaro.org/applications/pamac/commit/3832c96e635df05338fd040119ba1fefca89e9d8

“Fun fact”: it now uses .svg files.



Thanks for the update.

Off topic: the Octopi icon looks … well really cute. :relaxed:

Would be nice if we could get something similar for pamac.


How about… NO. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fine with me, I am used to YES and NO. “Maybe” would irritate me more :stuck_out_tongue:


I just got a second Pamac update today. Now after the update, the System Trey Icon is grayed out. And when I move my cursor over the grayed out icon, I see “Your system is up-to-date”.

Thank you very much to our Manjaro Team. Salute!


This ain’t Windows. Manjaro is much better. :slight_smile:


Did you exit and restart pamac-tray after the update? It’s working fine for me.


It’s working fine now, after I got the 2nd Pamac Update. So no reboot was required.