[Stable Update] 2018-11-11 - Systemd, KDE Apps & Plasma, Deepin, Cinnamon, VB, Grub



xps9550,kde,linux44 update OK


Hello, I’m having some issues with Virtualbox on i3-gaps community version (Tiny windows, not auto resizing etc, as shown in the images). I upgraded to Kernel 4.19 and also thought that the new Virtualbox update would solve the problem but haven’t.



hello dear manjaro community … i have an issue with the mouse stop working from time to time until i change the USB port … but the touchpad works fine


I have seen you left the same comment on testing announcement too, then you remove it. You could create a new topic for your issue. Have you checked if the cable of the mouse is not faulty, and from time to time loses connection with the USB port because of that, so when you switch ports is actually just the cable that by the movement makes the connection work again?


Might try plugging into the USB before turning the computer on and leaving it in that port. Had similar issue with a Dell laptop long ago. Seems it needs to know where things are at startup.


my laptop is a dell inspiron n5110 but i never experienced such issue before


Everything went smoothly other than Virtualbox but I won’t be needing it for school since I have windows boot. It would be nice to run a meme virus, lol.


excuse me my friend i accidentally posted it in the testing announcement but not i deleted it when i realised that i did a mistake … the cable is fine and i will test it with my brother laptop but i think it works fine from a hardware perspective


Ah, no worries :slight_smile: … Have a look also if there is some USB power management option that inhibits it after some time. I think there are a few topics about that


thank you so much my friend i will read the topic … and also excuse me for the late to respond … is there a problem with the server ???


This is a callback to the 2018-10-03 Stable Update: Audacity 2.3.0 is considered stable on windows/mac, and experimental on Linux. It is still quite buggy in Linux. I question whether it was right to include it in that update (I’ve had to downgrade and put it on my ignore list). Why not wait for the stable linux release before including it in a stable branch update?


XFCE, 4.19.1-1

Everything went smoothly! Thanks for the hard work.


No problems on KDE, and in fact when rebooting after this upgrade it was the first time i did not see watchdog: watchdog0: watchdog did not stop.


I just realized I didn’t see that error either. That is a good thing since since that mean less googling.


Update on my post about Gimp problems.
I’ve now experimented with babl built from AUR and have edited a good number of photos with no problems. As soon as I revert to the pre-built babl package, I get frequent hangs again.

Could someone please recompile babl for a forthcoming update so other users don’t experience this?


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