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All nice and well but when is the stupid pamac-tray going to work again? Purging the package did not help, apparently.


What do you need a try app for? It just sucks extra resources. Check the update thread and you know when a new updates out. Can nobody maintain their machine until a little tray icon tells them it’s time?


Nice try, but find someone else to fall for it.


FWIW, I use KDE and Octopi, but I also have KDE Discover installed. I do get a tray icon for Discover (tray icon for Octopi is not installed) when there are updates.


What is not working?


I’m using Qtile, and Qtile has an widget called “Pacman”. This widget check for updates, and show me the number of packages that is an update for (now is 0, my system is up to date).

Before Qtile, in Xfce, (not too much time ago) I was using pamac-tray (in Qtile I used that for a little too), and no problems here on my end.


The updates would never show up.

This time purging the config helped.

There’ve been multiple updates since though, and it seems there’s another problem now: the tray miscounts updates (keeps the old value).


What was in your pamac config file before that it wasn’t working?

I don’t know what you mean by “miscounts updates (keeps the old value).” If you’re talking about a pending update count mismatch between pacman and pamac, as far as I can tell, pamac does not show new dependencies that will be added to the system.

For instance, on the recent testing set from 2018-11-25, pacman’s pending update count is 5 more than pamac. Including glslang-7.9.2888-2 which is not currently installed on my system. It seems to be a new dependency of another package.


I meant there were 12 updates at one point. After they got applied the notification went away. Then the other day there were something like 6 updates (for FF+thunderbird) but the notification said 12, again.

My .pacsave (the one with no notifications) follows:

### Pamac configuration file

## When removing a package, also remove those dependencies
## that are not required by other packages (recurse option):

## How often to check for updates, value in hours (0 to disable):
RefreshPeriod = 6

## When there are no updates available, hide the tray icon:

## Allow Pamac to search and install packages from AUR:

## When AUR support is enabled check for updates from AUR:

## AUR build directory:
BuildDirectory = /tmp

## Number of versions of each package to keep in the cache:
KeepNumPackages = 3

## Remove only the versions of uninstalled packages when clean cache:

## Download updates in background


So pamac-tray said there were 12 updates but when you clicked on it there was only 6 packages listed in the window? That doesn’t make sense.

Or did you get the 6 number from somewhere else?

I don’t see anything wrong with that pamac config. Other than missing the new MaxParallelDownloads setting.


Well, if it made sense, I would not be complaining :rofl:


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