[Stable Update] 2018-11-02 - Pamac, ICU, XFCE, Deepin, Gnome



Lutris is Seg Faulting for me on this update when i attempt to install a game

AUR searches in the package manager also take ages


Can you explain? I am just curious.


For example:

  1. [Testing Update] 2018-10-31 - Freetype, ICU, XFCE, Deepin, Gnome
  2. How do i troubleshoot kernel lockups
  3. My own unhappy experience since 26/10/18 has been 5 total system freezes [even REISUB couldn’t help], & which possible smoking gun i tracked down after the most recent one yesterday [the timestamp is exactly when The Freeze occurred]:
[kdemeoz@GA-Z97-HD3-Tower ~]$ sudo journalctl _BOOT_ID=ee0b48702a6a4c53bfd3f57bf2db7bd7 | grep kernel
Nov 02 21:00:49 GA-Z97-HD3-Tower kernel: kernel BUG at block/bfq-sq-iosched.c:1849!
[kdemeoz@GA-Z97-HD3-Tower ~]$

Hence i was v happy to be able to apply the latest Stable Update today, after which:

 [kdemeoz@GA-Z97-HD3-Tower ~]$ sudo tlp-stat -d|grep Sch
[sudo] password for kdemeoz: 
  Scheduler = cfq
  Scheduler = cfq
[kdemeoz@GA-Z97-HD3-Tower ~]$ cat /sys/block/sd*/queue/scheduler
noop deadline [cfq] bfq-sq 
noop deadline [cfq] bfq-sq

Fingers crossed CFQ will be the magic elixir.


i had before some issues in shutdown causing my laptop to block but now it’s fixed (kernel 4.19)
a smooth update generally
thank you team manjaro


Update went fine on 2 laptops, both Xfce, 4.18.


It’s the maintainer of wine-stable which forgot to update the .SRCINFO file, it misses the validpgpkeys values.


All its fine today, i startet with the lts kernel 414, update via pamac in terminal pamac checkupdates and pamac update, that works very well. Now i am back on the 4.19.4 Kernel. I hope the Biosupdate yesterday fixed all my problems with freezing, we will see. Thank you for your dayli work on manjaro, for help all the time, if someone need it.

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing icu (63.1-2) breaks dependency 'icu<63.0' required by manjaro-settings-manager


I get the same message, then did that

  • update only the pacman-mirror package, cancelling others
  • update mirrors
  • refresh databases
  • update system
    It fixed that.
    good luck


Keep the ‘resume=UUID=…’ parameter.

sudo pacman -Syyu

This resolve my problem.


There are reports in different places that to some extent it is difficult/not possible to compile firefox with the openSuse patches. While I see the problems/difficulties concerning compile time, amount of memory required to successfully apply the patch set, completely removing/discontinuing the firefox-kde-opensuse isn’t a solution IMO.
I hope we will see this package again in the official repos, because honestly I can’t stand that GTK-file-chooser/save dialog.


You possibly didn’t do a full update. Firefox was/is compiled against the new icu 63.1-2 which provides libicui18n.so.63


No, firefox-kde-opensuse 63.0-3 is only available in the unstable branch, it did not migrate with the other firefox packages.

This is OK though, I just compiled 63.0.1-1 myself for the netrunner repository:


:+1: thx changed /etc/default/grub works


Hold it

If I double boot - should I be concerned about this update?

KDE/ Win 10


Crashed my Whisker also but only on my virtualbox GTK3 copy, on GTK2 everything ok.

Pressing execute also allowed me to carry on


Läuft bei mir / All good w. Gnome DE :slight_smile:


While following the 2. How to enable hidden GRUB menu?-Guide I encountered a stumbling block:

Running this will get me sed: couldn't open temporary file /etc/sedjw2tmO: Permission denied. Is there a typo in the command? Should I just add a sudo before the sed command or is this a symptom of a larger problem.

Any help and explanation would be appreciated as I don’t fully understand the purpose of the first part of the joined command. Thank you in advance!

And by the way: Thank you for maintaining this great distro! It’s the one that got me into GNU/Linux and I have you to thank for that. :slight_smile:


This is needed in order to remove fsck from initramfs HOOKS. You can use any text editor you like, too. And yes, sudo is necessary because /etc/mkinitcpio.conf is a system (root) file.