[Stable Update] 2018-10-21 - Kernels, GTK3, MHWD, Pamac



hi guys … i don’t know if it is due to the last update or what … but i lost my second partition in the hard drive that it contains my work (i can’t find it) … please guys any help … now am downloading systemrecueCD


Check with TestDisk 7.0


Thank you very much for your answer :+1:


thank you my friend … i created a post here for the issue


XFCE, 4.18.16

Everything went smoothly! Thanks for the hard work.


I found a solution for the non appearing clock in my previous post.

Purging the downloaded packages cache then: sudo pacman -S --overwrite '*' tzdata solved the problem.


Hi Phil,

This update is missing the NVIDIA drivers for the 4.14 LTS kernel but it appears to have the drivers for the other kernels:

                 linux419-nvidia        1:410.66-0.26        1:410.66-0.27
           linux419-nvidia-340xx         340.107-0.26         340.107-0.27
           linux419-nvidia-390xx          390.87-0.26          390.87-0.27
               linux419-nvidiabl            0.88-0.26            0.88-0.27
                  linux44-nvidia           1:410.66-1           1:410.66-2
            linux44-nvidia-340xx           340.107-18           340.107-19
            linux44-nvidia-390xx             390.87-7             390.87-8
                linux44-nvidiabl             0.88-113             0.88-114

Please build and release all versions of the NVIDIA drivers for 4.14 LTS.


So far, so good. Thank you Manjaro team!


Hi, no big problems whit the update, just one really. The speakers of my laptop stop working, i can use headset whitout issues and in Windows (dual boot) they work like always. Any advice is wellcome.


Will this smooth-boot, fully flickerfree ever be available for other kernels?
I have default:
4.14.78-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Oct 21 07:57:51 UTC 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux


I double checked some mirrors. All is fine for Linux419. You may check for yourself: https://manjaro.moson.eu/pool/overlay/


Bitcoin-qt have no more starts its gui with no error message ???


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