[Stable Update] 2018-10-08 - Kernels, Gnome 3.30, Cinnamon, Deepin, Pamac, SPL/ZFS



It depends on the Desktop Environment. It is never a good idea to update Gnome in the graphical session. If you use XFCE, you’re normally fine and can use Pamac. That is why I recommend it.

Normally it is, but not when you update some graphical environment like Gnome.


This includes Cinnamon DE, which is based on Gnome?


Manjaro 17 xfce update went smoothly. I did see the Transaction Not Prepared issue.
After update, in Thunar, right click context menu is missing “Delete”. This has occurred on two Dell notebook installations. Dell Studio 1535 and Dell Inspiron 5537.


I see “Move to Trash” in the right-click menu (on a non-Dell system).


Next time, I’ll take 5 seconds to read your post :wink:

(mine was KDE)


I have “Move to Trash” but after first reboot, post update, no longer have delete. For now. I have set up a custom action in Thunar, but it isn’t in the same position as before.

Weird that the old Delete with the “x” icon shows up when I right click on an item in the Trash Folder.


In my experience, updating Cinnamon packages in a graphical session has not been a problem on my side so far.

But it’s just my personnal experience.


I’d say you may be happier using a non rolling release distro, but if you want all installed packages to be as up to date as possible, you may just have to put out a little effort of your own. You don’t have to “explore” forums…all you have to do is read over the relevant stable update post.


Every time when stable is updating? Seriously?


Ditto as already expressed. If you want to be on a near cutting edge system you need to make some effort to ensure it keeps working. If you never want to read the update thread then you will inevitably experience a breakage at some point. That is not the distros fault.

You need to decide what is more important to you, being on a distro that allows you to use the most current software, or using a distro that runs very old components but is more stable. Perhaps a static distro is what you really want.

You can’t have it both ways. Either you get a static/old more stable distro, or a modern rolling distro that requires hands on maintenence.

Don’t choose a rolling distro then complain its not stable because you choose not to perform your due diligence. A rolling distro requires following the update news and occasionally performing interventions for problematic updates. If you don’t want to do that, don’t run a rolling distro.


Good morning, afternoon, evening … everyone

all great here at xfce

thank you team you are fantastic

[Stable Update] 2018-09-13 - Kernels, KDE Framework, SPL/ZFS, Octopi

Mostly good on my KDE system thanks.
One very annoying problem though; file-choosers are showing filesystems that shouldn’t be showing. As you can see from this before and after screenshot.

They all have “x-gvfs-hide” in their /etc/fstab entries, which seemed to hide them before but doesn’t now.
The example is from Firefox, but the same problem manifests with Chromium and RawTherapee, so seems to be system-wide.
Since taking these screenshots, I’ve rebooted again and the unwanted entries all seem to have duplicated themselves, which is really weird.

Created new thread at https://forum.manjaro.org/t/unexpected-filesystems-showing-in-file-choosers-after-2018-10-08-update/61326 as per request higher up this thread to create new ones for issues.




I have seen this as well.


To have that option back in Thunar context menu, open Thunar and select:

Edit > Preferences > Behaviour (tab) > under Context Menu > check Show action to permanently delete files and folders


I can vouch for this, happens on two systems.
Hidden OEM partitions appear too.


After several hours of searching on the Internet and some unsuccessful tries, I reinstalled manjaro.


You should have been able to boot up in your previous Kernel.
Should of started your own thread on this.
Likely no need for a new install.


Update went great, except the new Nvidia 410 driver seems to performing worse than 396.54 in Witcher 3 on Proton/Steamplay on my 1070 GPU. I used to have a stable 70 FPS, but now it’s all over the place.


Thanks so much. I don’t remember seeing this setting before.