[Stable Update] 2018-09-21 - Kernels, Pamac, Palemoon, Mesa 18.2.1



Lucky you. It’s a question of taking the rough with the smooth every once in a while. It’s no deal-breaker :slight_smile:


I was about to update firefox right now. What exactly happened? Should I not update firefox?


Update went ok, but when I attempted a reboot the system refused and blocked.


how did you fix it?
I am asking in case I get the same problem. Im a newbie. I don’t want to be left without a system on a sunday.


It should not be a problem unless you’re using firefox-kde-opensuse. It seems to be an old problem.


Cool, thanks!
Edit. Just did the update. Everything seems normal.


XFCE, 4.18.9

Everything went smoothly. Thanks for the hard work!


Why rc versions of pamac are instralled on my stable Manjaro Cinnamon? Just wondering, no issues.


worked .


Manjaro xfce 4.14.71. The update went smoothly with no issues. Since two updates ago when I access through Thunar Root, Thunar shows the folders in Icon View. I thought that they showed as my preferred Detailed List View before. I changed it in preferences but the setting does not stick when accessing as root user. Same thing through terminal using sudo thunar.


xps9550,KDE,linux44, update OK


Everything went well on KDE Plasma, including Firefox.


It is like Doom 2016. It can run well with Wine-stable not Wine-staging. I heard it is going to be fixed with future releases. You can use Lutris and install the windows version of steam and use Wine-stable to run the game.


After reboot, keepass 2.39.1 didn’t work anymore (it didn’t open). I removed and reinstalled keepass and mono with octopi. Now it works.


My 10 Tb drive is getting filled up with daily pamac updates.


10 Tb is a lot of 3mb pamac updates. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you do not want to keep so many packages: from the pamac gui open preferences->cache and select your desired number - this will apply to all packages, so specifying three will keep the last 3 pamac packages, the last 3 firefox packages, etc.


If you were to change from KeePass to KeePassXC then you would not need Mono on your system. Many nixers regard that as desirable [me too]. KPXC is excellent.



To clean your pamac cache automatically


Thanks, kdemeoz. I don’t know KPXC, so I’ve just installed and studying it. It seems very similar to Keepass but with better interface . Why did you say that mono is not desiderable? So now can I uninstall it?


Well, like many things in Linux / life, there’s vociferously held opposing views on mono. I don’t know enough myself, but my view was influenced some years ago by stuff like:

  1. https://www.mono-project.com/docs/about-mono/vulnerabilities/
  2. https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/security#TOC-Don-t-install-Wine-or-Mono-in-your-Linux
  3. https://www.everything-linux-101.com/things-first-linux-mint-18-cinnamon/

If there’s some pgm you absolutely positively mandatorily have to use in Linux, with mono as a dependency, then you have to make your own mind up about cost / benefit. When i began writing this post i checked my current mono status, expecting to find it was not installed, but was surprised to see it actually somehow had become installed once again. It transpired to be an obscure dependency for a dependency of some game i didn’t recall having installed a long time ago called gbrainy. That is definitely NOT a package i need, so i removed it, which thus also removed mono again.