[Stable Update] 2018-09-13 - Kernels, KDE Framework, SPL/ZFS, Octopi



Oh, sorry. I guess that is a problem with acronyms, lol. :slight_smile:


I assume sudo update-grub is also optional if you don’t have grub installed.

Also… wouldn’t it be best to have manjaro hardware manager auto install the intel or amd-ucode depending on which you have? Just wondering because how would a newcomer to Manjaro know to install this.


Indeed, it would be an appropriate inclusion for MHWD.


Right, especially when you have refind for a bootloader and refind cannot handle multiple initrd files without merging.

Indeed. But both had been asked before.

Good luck.


I confirm that on Stable and Testing, XFCE(gtk2-gtk3) and Gnome.
pamac 7.0.1-4
pamac 7.1.0rc1-1

I changed several themes as well. No change.

Off Topic: I was going to start a topic, since it was too weird and I saw it in a long time frozen laptop, which I had to use for a few days.


issue open doesn’t show dependencies
and exist a topic here

EDIT: fixed


Works on Mate. :+1:


VLC ist not working, unable to play live stream
Nightly build works well


For me on KDE, battery icon disappeared from system tray. Also, when changing back-light brightness, there is no longer any indication [OSD] shown on screen, but it shows when changing volume level.


Got this Pacman update this morning:
[2018-09-16 12:20] [ALPM] upgraded pamac (7.0.1-4 -> 7.0.1-5)

I saw a bunch of errors listed for expired certs, but apparently the upgrade worked. I select Worldwide for my Official Repositories.

Still need to reboot into the new kernals.


Having an issue with kernel 4.18.1-7. Unamble to mount DVD, with or without udftools installed, booted with 4.14.69 and all works well. DE=cinnamon.


Same here, need to downgrade, XFCE - 4.9


Now I need to add, that pressing power button initiated system shutdown instead of sleep. After that reboot (second after update), everything works as it once was.


Everything went smooth on all my KDE Plasma machines.

I can confirm that Octopi doesn’t show a dialog when the Internet connection is not yet established, which is a really welcome fix since it used to pop up a lot especially on my laptop. :slight_smile:


Take a look on Vlc 3.0.4 doesn't render twitch streams correctly … may be it helps.


Problem solved. Thanks mate.


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