[Stable Update] 2018-09-13 - Kernels, KDE Framework, SPL/ZFS, Octopi



XFCE, 4.18.7

Everything went smoothly! Thanks for the hard work.


Am using whatever I have been using the last couple of months. I guess I need to check that, thanks! :slight_smile: (I thought since my install was so new, the mirrors should still be fine…)


Update showed up in Octopi after syncing my mirrors , KDE and 4.19 running perfect on my system .


During installation you might have chosen a mirror, which was OK back then. Since we don’t maintain the mirrors, it depends on how the community is updating them. Therefore always check on regular basis.

sudo pacman-mirrors -f4


Thanks! Looked up the mirror pages and BM’d them over lunch, will do the mirror-update and Syuu (or Syyu, whichever, lol) tonight.



Kernel 4.19-rc3 finally solves the problem 4.18 had with Core 2 Duos and doesn’t hang at boot anymore. Yay!


Which desktop? This is strange since on my Xfce install only the pamac window freezes. Nothing else is affected as far as I can tell. In Gnome, the pamac window closes by itself. And again nothing else seems affected.

These are the open bug reports on this issue. At least I think they are the same issue.


Yep, that worked, thanks! Weird that my old mirrorlist failed. And am in the US and it chose something in Belarus as top!


Sometimes only a few mirrors are in sync so pacman-mirrors chooses whatever is best at the time. Also you’re more likely to get seemingly random mirrors if you use pacman-mirrors -f<n> (n being any number greater than 0).

Because the option -f4 is telling pacman-mirrors “probe 4 random synced mirrors from anywhere around the world and give me the fastest out of those 4.” It doesn’t mean “probe all mirrors from around the world and give me the 4 fastest.”

When you have the time I recommend testing all available mirrors with -f0. And keep doing that for several days until you get an idea of which mirrors are consistently fast to you.

You can view the actual mirrorlist in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist


Thanks! I did more than four, I think.

I did find the mirrorlist earlier tonight, pacman-mirrors gave me something Belarus/Netherlands/Japan and somewhere else in the mirrorlist.

Probably from now on will use pacman-mirrors and Syyu instead of Octipi.



For the US I use : sudo pacman-mirrors -c United_States

c for country . see : pacman-mirrors -h

Generaly yeilds : `.: INFO Downloading mirrors from repo.manjaro.org

.: INFO User generated mirror list

.: INFO Custom mirror file saved: /var/lib/pacman-mirrors/custom-mirrors.json
.: INFO Using custom mirror file
.: INFO Querying mirrors - This may take some time
1.173 United_States : https://mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu/manjaro/
1.215 United_States : https://mirror.math.princeton.edu/pub/manjaro/
.: INFO Writing mirror list
United_States : https://mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu/manjaro/stable/$repo/$arch
United_States : https://mirror.math.princeton.edu/pub/manjaro/stable/$repo/$arch
.: INFO Mirror list generated and saved to: /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
.: INFO To remove custom config run ‘sudo pacman-mirrors -c all’

hth :smiley:


Yes, I didn’t restrict it to countries. I did see that in the syntax on the pacman-mirrors page, but really didn’t care what mirrors it used. I assumed it would pick the fastest, though sounds like that may have been a bad assumption. :slight_smile:

I just thought it was funny that it picked mirrors so far away. Next time I might do things more rigorously, tonight just wanted to get the full update. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:






Maybe it is a IO related issue when pamac-updater crashes. I have some tweaks on my Xfce install to mitigate this. But pamac is a very small program, it shouldn’t affect the overall system like this.

But this is only conjecture.


Everything works great on my XFCE Machine! Thanks for all the effort!

Kernel - linux414 & linux49.


today there was a pamac upgrade (7.0.1-2 -> 7.0.1-4) which renders the dependency tab blank for all packages.


Update on 12 Machines and 1 VB without Problems.



bookmarked :slight_smile:


Aahh, that would make sense. I just didn’t think of it. The BM I was thinking of really wouldn’t apply here.