[Stable Update] 2018-09-02 - Deepin, Pamac, Linux419, Firefox-Dev, Upower



reboot maybe ?


Reboot helped in case of package manager but the applet still isn’t working…


It is a DE issue I don’t know Budgie.
There is a mention of clockworks here.

Just a simple search… hth.


Updates Available, but System Up to Date?

A short and good update. Xfce, Linux 4.18.

There are a problem, that’s little old. Some programs don’t are placed correctly by xfwm.

Open VLC, position at bottom of my desktop, close. Open again, and vlc opens at the same place, with a difference of a few pixels (cm) up.

Same thing with PSPP. It takes another difference in position from the closed, but there is also a pattern.

The xfwm don’t have yet an “ignore remember window position” flag for placement, so there isn’t a palliative.

Edit: VLC placement pattern is the same of PSPP.


I did not take the 2018-09-02 and 2018-08-31 updates yet. I am concerned about the systemd problem with /oldroot (failed to unmount), cf. https://forum.manjaro.org/t/stable-update-2018-08-18-kernels-xorg-server-mesa-deepin-mate-perl-python/55375/180?u=111milestogo, which showed up for me following the 08-18 update with Kernel 4.18 and persisted through the 08-25 update.

Please, I need a hint what to do now.
(a) Take the pending two updates 08-31 and 09-02 right away and see what happens? Remark: Update 08-31 has a newer systemd snapshot.
Or (b), follow the temporary recipe from ArchLinux by inserting „shutdown“ in mkinitcpio.conf and doing a „mkinitcpio -p linux“? Then reboot twice. Would this command „-p linux“ be the correct one?
In case (b) would succeed: Finally restore mkinitcpio.conf to its original, again do mkinitcpio for an unmodified one, and take the pending updates only then?

Thanks a lot in advance. I just feel I need to get rid of that systemd error with oldroot now.


you can check your limits with:

~ >>> ulimit -Hn                                                                                                


no issues, but i’d too prefer to keep the higher limits for steam if there are no drawbacks/issues with other packages. :slight_smile:


Took the plunge and updated to 2018-09-02, incl. 08-31. Even with Kernel 4.18.5-1 and a newer systemd snapshot now, this systemd error message at shutdown is STILL SHOWING UP:

sd-umount[1996]: Failed to unmount /oldroot: Device or resource busy
sd-umount[1997]: Failed to unmount /oldroot/dev: Device or resource busy

Some people including me had noted this first with the 2018-08-18 update and the move from kernel 4.17 to 4.18.3, cf. https://forum.manjaro.org/t/stable-update-2018-08-18-kernels-xorg-server-mesa-deepin-mate-perl-python/55375/180?u=111milestogo.

Plus, I just found these posts over at the Arch Forum “Failed to unmount /oldroot” on shutdown …again!. They do have this same issue, and they tentatively associate it with bpfilter.

Thus I do trust that the Manjaro devs follow those developments and will come up with a solution at some suitable point in time.

Myself, I will not do anything right now and leave this error showing up at every shutdown. Still, an ugly feeling that something breaks is left…

@philm or other devs, please confirm that doing nothing right now is okay. Thanks a lot in advance.


Never mind .


simply follow the instructions in philms link :wink:


Done , Thanks . Still don’t understand reverting it but at least I undid what was undid .:roll_eyes:


XFCE, 4.14.67

Everything went smoothly. Thanks for the hard work!


Hello o/
I’m using Manjaro Gnome Edition, and after the update the system slowed down and the battery consuption increased. I already checked which processes were using CPU and nothing unusual turned up. I also were using the 4.17 LTS kernel, and when I installed the 4.18 the problem persisted.


Thank you very much for all of your work supporting Manjaro.

I am running Manjaro Mate Stable - 64 bit and had to do this twice to fix the broken pamac:
sudo pacman -Syyu

Update: today I got one update for Google Chrome. So I selected it and updated Google Chrome and got confirmation that the update was successful. But the pamac icon in the lower right tray was still Red. So I moved my cusror over the icon and it still said it had one update. Clicked on that icon and updates for it was blank. So I ran “sudo pacman -Syyu” and the icon changed back to grey.
The Pamac Version that I see is 7.0.1-1

Updates Available, but System Up to Date?

@philm Thanks for pushing the new Firefox 62 :star_struck:


See here


Edit… My mistake Phil. Thanks @jonathon!!


You should also have had Chromium 69…


This morning I updated and Chromium and Firefox popped up. I updated them and now Chromium is borked. Tab titles are faded, scrolling in the browser is wrecked - if you scroll down it just pops back up, fonts are wrecked - each word has a jumble of letter sizes and that’s all I’ve come across in the past 5 minutes.

I downgraded to an earlier version and Chromium wouldn’t open. Had to upgrade to the current one and same issues.

Firefox and other browsers work fine and the computer and all other programs are fine so it seems to be limited to this update and only Chromium.