[Stable Update] 2018-08-25 - Kernels, KDE Apps & Framework, Flatpak 1.0, Nvidia, Cleanup



The “local package is newer” is a non-blocking warning, so if you completed the update the first time, all others packages should have been updated.

If you want to be sure, you could check the logs.
Those for pacman are at /var/log/pacman.log.
You might need to check other logs nearby if you used something else for the update (like Pamac or Octopi).


Thanks! Will do that!


I don’t understand why people are not using the epoch field.

Is it really that hard?

Causing people grief over such things is really not clueless-friendly now, is it?

Mind you, my personal opinion that this is not what manjaro should actually trying to be was removed recently, so this is a bit ironic.

In other words, practice what you preach.


To use an epoch in this particular situation is just wrong.

Packer was never in the repository with a version number other than 1.2.5-1. A epoch should only be used in a situation where a package that is already in the repository needs to be downgraded.

Packer was a AUR package, that was promoted to the community repo. It was never in the repository before. So there is no need to use a epoch, since every AUR user is responsible for packages install form the AUR.


Try this:

After I set Logo=0 I don’t have lo_kde5filepicker running.


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