[Stable Update] 2018-08-18 - Kernels, Xorg-Server, Mesa, Deepin, MATE, Perl, Python



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3 systems updated… all ok now!


Slic3r Prusa Edition broke. I had to not only rebuild Slic3r, but uninstall and reinstall all the python dependencies as well. Seems to be working now.


AUR package? :wink:


I’ve seen this message lots of times. But I don’t think it’s anything serious.

Maybe this?


My desktop hit a pretty serious issue with this update.

When I select my kernel in Grub (does not matter which one of the 3 I have installed I choose) I get this:

systemd[1]: Caught <SEGV>, dumped core as pid 409.
systemd[1]: Freezing execution.

Since I found no one else with this problem, and I didn’t have any packages in my cache, I chose to just re-install, since the usual reinstall of kernels, systemd and glibc did not have any impact.

Anyone else experienced this?

Seems it’s related to my NFS shares in my fstab. If I enable them, the new system does not boot either. Disabling them, boots the system.


any downgrade systemd works ?


As I said, I didn’t have any packages in my cache, so couldn’t downgrade.
But I did re-install and I think my problem is somewhere in my fstab, since the new install only booted when I commented some stuff out.


Obviously the community/libvirt package was recently updated from version to fixing the missing glusterfs dependecy. Thanks :slight_smile:

Packages (473)
Total Download Size:   1527,95 MiB
Total Installed Size:  6308,76 MiB
Net Upgrade Size:       -74,50 MiB <<<--- This is what I call an upgrade!


Libreoffice fresh came up with breeze dark icons per default (= totally useless given the not-dark theme of Libreoffice). This was obviously easy to change and the new Karasa Jaga icon set of LO if a real joy!


Thanks for that link but it did not help, boot.log text said all is ok, sudo journalctl -b -1 -r comes up with loads of error from QT to freedesktop (which seems normal?) but nothing about unmount, and i not sure but the error looks like it might say “sd-unmount”, Which even the great Google did not help, and i don’t have SD cards/drives or even USB flash/Drives/Etc plugged in, but i do have 2 HD Drives not solid state, 1 boot and 1 for home, i’ve spent most of today searching Google, Arch Forums etc and have got nowhere, It not really a problem as the computer still shuts down/reboots at a blink of an eye, its just worrying to sort of see it.


Absolutely massive update of 700mb. Everything working great so far, even fixed an annoying bug I had been experiencing in LibreOffice.


What? No issues, like “it shows desktop”… Or really no issues, even effectively using it?

For me (like I think phil may have read on github, and as I was going to comment) open driver tanks viability with fire


You’re absolutely right. Thank you!


XFCE, 4.14.65

Everything upgraded fine and seems to be working properly after reboot. Thanks for the hard work!


New to Manjaro, tried to run the update and it failed.

Getting this error message:
could not satisfy dependencies:
installing glibc (2.28-4) breaks dependency ‘glibc=2.27’ required by lib32-glibc

Guys, any idea how to fix it? Thanks ahead for your help.



See " Known issues and solutions" right below the opening post of the thread. Do that every time there is a rolling update. :slightly_smiling_face:

If that doesn’t work, people are going to need more information about what you have tried.


Noted. Thanks mate. :wink:


Do you feel like opening a dedicated topic on this. I also have NFS shares mounted and I’m still waiting before I perform this update. It would be nice to figure out what’s causing this and a solution.